Tsunami In Long Beach, California?

After the magnitude 8.9 earthquake hit Japan last night the California Coast was threatened with Tsunami effects early this morning. Naturally I grabbed my camera and pedaled down to the beach to see what panned out…

These photos were taken along Long Beach’s shoreline from around Alamitos to Junipero and Bixby/Cherry Park. Shot on March 11, 2011 from between 8:35 to 9:00am. All photos by Fat Tony.

While Long Beach didn't see any large waves (as of yet) we did notice the tide being sucked out a bit.

The most common sight along the waterfront was curious locals checking things out. Here a man stands on a sand dune to get a better view near Rainbow Harbor.

All up and down the beach people were staked out waiting to see if anything noteworthy would happen.

A helicopter was circling the beach instructing people to remove themselves from the beach.

Groups of people lined Bixby Park's bluff to get a higher vantage point for any potential wave sightings.

While a lot of people were watching and waiting, others were just going about their daily morning routine.

Two men stand and watch while talking on their cell phones, presumably letting others know what they were seeing.

For the most part it was life as usual here in Long Beach.

This is about the biggest wave I saw today, but it's only 10am, so who knows what is still to come…

4 thoughts on “Tsunami In Long Beach, California?

  1. Julien

    Hey Tony,

    I follow your blog for weeks now. I really enjoy it.

    Particularly the behind the scenes posts!

    This one is pretty sarcastic, love it!



  2. Joi Reno

    OMG I USED TO LIVE A BLOCK AND A HALF AWAY FROM THE BEACH>>>>ON TH ST . Please keep the pics coming if you can :}

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