Travel Update: Thailand Trip – Day 2 – Bangkok

I spent another day in Bangkok today. Most of the day (and night) was spent walking around the enormous city in disbelief at all the crazy crap you can buy in markets, in awe at some of the incredible Buddhist temples, and searching for a taxi that wouldn’t rip us off.

Of course there were lots of great moments from the day, but for the sake of a quick blog post before I head to bed and get an early start tomorrow venturing off to a new city, I’ll stick to some basics, mostly revolving around food…

With no tour guide and no signs to read, I don’t know much about this teakwood mansion, but I know we couldn’t wear shoes or take photos inside. And supposedly the entire thing was made with wooden pegs—no nails. Typical Asian tourist pose!

At one of the temples we visited (the best one of the day) there was the famous “reclining” Buddah. That thing was huge!

There’s a million and one weird things you can buy in markets all around the world. And as much goofy Fox knock off stuff as i’ve seen over the years, this knife probably takes the cake.

Now we get to the knitty gritty…I said in my last post that we had only scratched the surface of bizarre foods, and tonight I proved that statement correct. On the menu? Cricket, grub, bigger cricket, mealworm, small grasshopper, frog, large grasshopper, and giant cockroach.

All of them went down with no barfing and no water. The most challenging to conquer, as you may have guessed, was definitely the cockroach. If you want to know what it was like? Hit me up on Facebook and I’ll tell you the street where you can buy them so you can try for yourself…

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