My Travel Photography Books

For whatever reason I’ve never really made this public, but each year for the past three years, after going on end-of-the-year vacations I’ve put together travel photography books from my trips—first from Ecuador, then East Africa, and most recently from Southeast Asia. The books have always been personal projects of mine and just good keepsakes from memorable trips. But after placing the order for my most recent on, I figured I’d share this on my blog…

I use a Web site called to print the books and lay them out in Adobe InDesign. It’s a really great system that’s easy to use, the books come out amazing, and it’s actually cheaper to print an entire book than it is if you were to have all the images printed on their own. I only print one copy of each book for myself, and right now, all of them are on my coffee table in my apartment. However, if you want to check out the the books online or buy one for yourself, you can do so from my page on the Blurb Web site. If nothing else, maybe you’ll be inspired to make a book of your own.

Who knows, perhaps later this year I’ll put together a book with some of my best BMX photos from over the years?

Click here to start turning the digital pages in all three of my travel photography books!

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