The DC Shoes Team Got Me Good…Again

Last year around this same time I was on the road with the DC Shoes team on their first ever Roughing It Tour. Somewhere along the way the guys riding in the back of the RV with all the bikes decided to use several hundred stickers to give my bike a facelift. I didn’t find out what they had crafted until I woke up from a nap and checked Twitter and saw the photo of my bike they posted. (Shown below.)

So when the second Roughing It Tour came around this year knew what to expect—especially since I had to send by bike on the rig a week early while I was out of the country. Once I met up with the team and saw that my bike was in one piece, all parts were in place, and wasn’t covered in stickers I thought I was in the clear. I thought I had somehow dodged a hefty bullet… That is until I picked up my bike for the first time and realized it weighed more than double what it was supposed to.

I looked around in shock for several minutes trying to figure out what they had done. I thought maybe they filled my frame with cement or something. Then I realized it was the tires…but how in the hell could you possibly fill bike tires with anything but air? Finally, I guarded my had with my hoodie, grabbed an Allen key, and proceeded to press on the valve stem. Sure enough…liquid. I couldn’t wrap my head around the concept, but no matter how they did it, it was done. They had got me good…again.

My bike stayed in that bloated state for the entire trip until one of the very last days when I finally had time to put in new tubes. The whole time I was on the road with them no one would fess up to who was the mastermind behind the prank, but I always suspected Allan Cooke, because I figured he was the only one smart enough to have that kind of useless knowledge floating around his head.

Here’s a video that surfaced a few days after I left the trip that explains everything that went down.

Ahhh…BMX road trips. Good times!

I can take a joke and I know when a prank is good so obviously I’m not bummed on this at all, but I am supposed to go on another tour with these guys in September so leave some comments on this post of ways you I could get them back…

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