Terry Adams’ Solo Flatland BMX Film – “Dreams”

I always tell people that Terry Adams is my closest friend, and part of the reason for that is because he inspires me so much. To me, a “best friend” is someone who brings out the “best” in you, and that’s exactly what Terry does for me.

In 2008 Terry released a full-length DVD about his life. Mickey Gaidos (another flatland rider from Southern Louisiana) filmed, edited, and produced the entire film, which is hard to believe when you see what an amazing job he did. The cinematography is unlike any other BMX film to date, and even Dreams even won the award for Best Cinematography at a New Orleans film festival.

Terry’s life story is told in this film, so if you want to see how a small town boy turned his dreams into reality, sit down for the next 35 minutes and prepare to be impressed, and inspired.

Here's a little behind the scenes look at an Odyssey BMX ad I shot with Terry while they were filming for Dreams. Aside from this shoot, I have a handful of other quick cameos throughout the film as well.

Speaking of Terry Adams, look for a Behind The Photo post one a photo I shot of him to be posted very soon…