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2015 Year In Review

It’s the first of the year and that means it’s time for me to reflect back on what I did throughout the past 12 months. 2015 was a really interesting year for me… While I didn’t achieve all of the goals I set for myself in January, I had a great year and made some monumental changes to my lifestyle design that will help shape the rest of my life.

The first big change was that I made a conscious decision to distance myself from the BMX industry and focus my career in the fitness industry. BMX has been my livelihood since I graduated college 10 years ago, so to change directions now was a really big deal for me.

The next giant shift in my life was that I decided to stop traveling and concentrate on my new career path. In 2007 I went on my first international trip, and since then I’ve been trying to travel as much as possible. In that time I’ve been to 35 countries and have thousands of incredible memories, experiences, and adventures.. I’ve done a lot, and to honest I just decided that I had done enough for now and I was ready for a change.

With that said, there had been a void in my life for a while that couldn’t be filled with worldly adventures. I needed more personal connections and sincere human interactions, and I needed to be in a relationship with someone I loved. I stared by getting a dog…I figured that was easier and cheaper than finding a girlfriend, so in January I got an incredible Yorkie named Hercules. Luckily for me it wasn’t too long after that when I found the woman of my dreams and the void was filled. My life feels so different in so many ways than it did a year ago and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.

My life may not be as exciting as it once was, but I still hope to inspire people simply by setting a good example of how I live—through my fitness, my vegan lifestyle, my career, and anything else that I can do to show people a positive message.

I want to thank everyone for their support over the years and show my appreciation to those who have taken an interest in my life’s path. Here’s to a happy and healthy 2016!

Fat Tony Family Photo

Family photo with Darlene and Hercules.

2015 By The Numbers:
Days Spent Traveling: 60
(*The least amount of days in the past six years.)
Trips Taken: 16
Foreign Countries Visited: 0
(*First time not leaving the U.S. since I started traveling in 2007. Technically I crossed the border into Canada for about two hours, but I’m not counting that.)
States Visited: 9
CrossFit Competitions Competed In: 3
– Placed 2 out of 54 individuals at NLI
– Placed 2 out of 6 teams at WAGL
– Placed 29,271 out of 165,000(ish) in the CrossFit Open
Instagram Posts: 907
Blog Posts: 32
Fitness Competitions Photographed: 18
BMX Competitions Photographed: 1
BMX Photo Shoots: 1
New Companies Formed: 2
Audio Books Listened To: 9
Books Read: 1
Podcasts I Was Featured On: 5
Days Spent Teaching a Photography Workshop: 2
Videos Produced for PurePharma: 9
Workouts Recorded: 217
– PR Achieved on a Max Height Box Jump: 49.5”
– PR Achieved on a Max Weight Clean and Jerk: 230lbs
– PR Achieved on a Max Front Squat: 275lbs
– PR Achieved on a Max Weight Dead Lift: 375lbs
– PR Achieved on a Max Weight Overhead Squat: 225lbs
– PR Achieved on a Max Set of Pull-Ups: 43
– Max Number of Pistols Completed in Two Minutes: 67


Here’s a photo from every trip I went on in 2015…

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2014 Year In Review

For several years now I’ve been keeping track of my trips and travels on Facebook by uploading on photo from each place I visit. It saves my page from getting flooded with pointless galleries, and it serves as an easy reminder of the places I’ve gone throughout the year.

Now it’s time to do a quick reflection here on my blog of the 110 days I spent away from home, starting with January in Central America in ending with Asia in December.


Diving into the New Year in Krabi, Thailand.

2014 By The Numbers:
Days Spent Traveling: 110
Less Traveling Days Than Last Year: 26
Trips Taken: 15
Countries Visited: 7
States Visited: 10
Shortest Trip: 2 Days (Sacrament)
Longest Trip: 32 Days (Louisiana to Singapore to Malaysia to Bali to Thailand)
Shipwrecks Dove: 2
Caves Explored: 3
CrossFit Competitions Competed In: 1 (Placed 23 out of 55)
Unbroken Double Unders Completed in Two Minutes: 215
Fitness Competitions Photographed: 11
BMX Competitions Photographed: 4
Investment Properties Purchased: 1
New Companies Formed: 2
Net Worth Increase: 57%

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2013 Year In Review

It’s that time again… The time when I start wrapping up things on the year and preparing to start the New Year with a clean slate. To help keep track of what I’ve done throughout the year I always do a little “by the numbers” style year in review, so here’s a bit of what went down in 2013!


(X-up over the long and low at Mike Spinner’s house. Photo by Kyle Carlson.)

2013 By The Numbers
Days Spent Traveling: 136
Less Traveling Days Than Last Year: 70
Trips Taken: 28
US States Visited: 9
Countries Visited: 5
Continents Stood In (Including layovers.): 5
Days Virgin Australia Lost My Camera Gear: 9
BMX Contests Attended: 18
Videos Produced: 72
Photo Books Published: 3
Days Spent Snorkeling/Diving: 26
Investment Rental Units Purchased: 3
Most Likes On An Instagram Photo: 886
CrossFit Gyms Visited: 13
My First CrossFit Competition Placing (Out of 89): 49
Number of Handstand Push Ups in Two Minutes at CrossFit Competition: 30


Here’s one photo from every trip I went on in 2013…

2012 By The Numbers

2012 was an incredible year for me! While a lot of people say I stay “busy”, I prefer to say I stay “active.” To me, the word “busy” feels more stressful and less enjoyable than “active”, and I’ve absolutely enjoyed myself with very minimal stress these past twelve months. I plan to reflect on 2012 in a deeper blog post at some point as I look back on my first full year working for myself, but for now he’s a quick look at some numbers from the year along with one photo from ever place I’ve visited throughout 2012. Here’s to another amazing year in 2013!

2012 By The Numbers
Days Spent Traveling: 206
Days Spent Working: 130
Trips Taken: 25
States Visited: 13
Countries Visited: 10
Countries Visited with Danny Josa: 7
BMX Contests Attended: 16
BMX Contests Announced: 5
BMX Contests Organized: 1
Shutter Clicks: 75,000
Videos Produced: 80
Magazines Published In: 5
New Hobbies Acquired: 1
Helicopters Flown In: 1
Computers Lost/Stolen: 2
Curse Words Prompted by Said Computers: 4,736
Instagram Photos Posted: 1,291
Facebook Birthday Wishes: 292
Most Likes On An Instagram Photo: 12,700
All-Nighters Pulled Building My Soon-To-Be-Launched New Web Site: 4
Number Of Pages In My Soon-To-Be-Released Flatland Photo Book: 80

For the past few years I’ve used a Facebook album to post one photo from every place I visit, so here are all the images I posted during 2012 in order of when I visited them…