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15 Thailand Photos While En Route

After five weeks of traveling I’m finally heading home from Asia… If you’ve been following along you already know that while in Singapore a few weeks ago I decided to extend my trip for nine days so I could spend some time in Thailand. Having stayed on Tonsai Beach in Krabi three years ago I knew I would be able to have some good daily adventures, and more importantly, I would be able to enter a relaxed state of mind to help me recharge my batteries and clear my head before going into 2015—and that’s exactly what I did.

Thailand is an incredible country and this area of Krabi has a really special place in my heart, so I am very excited to share these 15 photos as I post them from the airport on my way back to California. Thanks for digitally coming along with me on this trip, and be on the lookout for more photos from Singapore, Malaysia, Bali, and Thailand in the coming weeks!


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Travel Video: Thailand, Laos & Cambodia

At the end of 2011, just two days after quitting my full-time job, I spent five weeks traveling in Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia with my good buddy Lindsay Matush. I filmed a ton of video clips with no real purpose or intention, and after more than two years of the footage sitting on my hard drive I finally decided to sift through the four hours of video to put together this 15 minute montage. Getting to relive this journey through the footage was priceless, and I’m glad I finally buckled down and got this done!

Top 5 Most Awe-Inspiring and Beautiful Places I’ve Ever Been

Part of what makes me feel alive is traveling to new places and seeing what kind of incredible things can be found in nature. I can appreciate old architecture and ruins, and I have a love for great art, but what really makes me tick is looking at and exploring the things that man could never create.

After driving down the PCH for the third time recently I started to think about what I could consider to be the most breathtaking places I’ve ever been to, so I thought I’d break them down here.

In no particular order, here are the top five most awe-inspiring and beautiful places I’ve ever been…

1. Rock Formations at Ton Sai Bay, Thailand
While staying on Ton Sai Bay in Thailand I took a kayak out to explore some of the small island rock formations off the shoreline. From a distance they looked pretty unassuming and rather static. However, once you got close to them, their majestic qualities revealed themselves and the formations came to life. Sitting in the small watercraft, I felt so tiny and insignificant, making the experience really humbling. The contrast of the beautiful, calm, and vast water against the lively rock caves, shelves, and stalactites will forever be burned into my memory as one of the best things my eyes have ever seen.




2. Purlingbrook Falls in Springbrook National Park, Australia
After riding bikes and hanging out with friends in Gold Coast, Australia for several weeks I decided to venture away from the BMX scene in search of some nature. With just a short drive and a quick hike I found myself looking across a valley at one of the most impressive waterfalls I had ever seen. Purlingbrook Falls is some 350ft tall, and due to the recent heavy rainfall it had a pretty powerful flow when I was there. Seeing it from across the valley was great, but the real stand out moment came when I got to see the falls from right on top of them at a viewing platform, then again when I hopped a few guardrails and walked through the stream and stood at the edge while looking out over the valley.

Photos of Australia by Fat Tony




3. California’s Coastline (From Pacific Coast Highway)
I’m a sucker for coastlines, beaches, and tropical settings, and the drive up or down California’s PCH offers plenty of each of those. There are countless views along the drive that are each just as spectacular as the last, but the fact that you can drive for hours on end and those views just keep coming is what really makes the drive so special.

California's Pacific Coast Highway Photographs

Pacific Coast Highway - PCH

4. Lake Wakatipu, New ZealandMuch like the PCH, the drive on Kingston Rd. that hugs the perimeter of Lake Wakatipu outside Queenstown, New Zealand is a never-ending postcard backdrop. However, instead of infinite waves in the ocean, the lake is calm and flat with beautiful mountains surrounding it on all sides. Along the drive you can stop at lookout overview points high above the lake, then minutes later you can stop again at sea level and walk right up the rocky beach to the glass-like shoreline.

Lake Wakatipu

Lake Wakatipu-New-Zealand


5. Grand Canyon, Arizona
If this list were in order, and if I had better photos of it, the Grand Canyon in Arizona would probably be at the number one spot. However, when I visited Mathers Campground in the summer of 2005 I didn’t have a proper camera with me, so all I have to show from my trip there are a few low-quality scans of photos that were printed at Walmart. Nonetheless, the Grand Canyon still remains one of the most incredible and mind-boggling things I’ve ever laid eyes on. When I was standing at the edge of the South Rim I remember feeling like even though I was there, and even though I was seeing it with my own eyes, I could never comprehend what I was looking at. It was such an overwhelming feeling that I literally shed a few tears. This is one place I’m really looking forward to going back to and photographing some day…Anyone up for camping?




How I Shot My Favorite Photo of All Time

Here’s a quick video with some behind the scenes footage and photos from Erawan Falls, Thailand where I shot one of my favorite photos of all time. There’s a lot more to the story than I was able to cram into a three-minute video, but I’ll spare you the details about breaking into a dormitory to find a bed for the night and missing the bus back into town and get right to the point! Enjoy, and please leave some comments or questions for me below!


Date: December 14, 2011
Location: Erawn Falls National Park, Thailand

Camera: Canon 5D Mark II
Lens: Canon EF24-70mm f/2.8L USM
Focal Length: 35mm

Exposure: 2.0s
Aperture: f22.0
ISO: 50 (L)

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Slow Shutter Waterfall - Erawan Falls, Thailand

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Some clips filmed with GoPro’s Hero2.
Music By: Danger Dust (alstonemusic@gmail.com)
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23 Left Overs: Random Photos from South East Asia

Over the past few months I’ve posted more than 15 photo galleries from my travels in Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. However, even when I broke down hundreds of images into all those themes and galleries I still had more than 20 photos left over that I wanted to share, so here is the final set of the ones that didn’t fit anywhere else.

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9 Spectacular Sunrise & Sunset Photos from Asia

While traveling throughout Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia last year I was able to see more beautiful sunrises and sunsets than I could count, so of course I took every opportunity I could to shoot photos of them. From beaches to rivers and from mountains to temples, here are nine of my favorite sunrise and sunset photos I shot in South East Asia.

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10 Incredible Photos of Waterfalls From Thailand

If you’ve been following my blog at all over the past several months then you know I’ve posted a ton of photos from my trip to South East Asia. Well, today I’m extremely excited to post this gallery because it has some of my favorite photos from the trip of some of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. Click through and enjoy these 10 incredible images of waterfalls I shot in various parts of Thailand.

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23 Portraits From Thailand, Laos & Cambodia

You can’t begin to understand a new culture without meeting people from all walks of life within it. While traveling around Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia last year I got the privilege to meet and shoot photos of people everywhere I went, and this gallery contains 23 of my favorites.

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14 Beautiful Photos of Boats In Thailand

Long-tail boats are extremely common throughout South East Asia, especially around the islands and beach towns in Southern Thailand. The combination of the vessels and amazing waterscapes make for incredible photo opportunities. Here are 14 beautiful photos I shot of various boats in while traveling in Thailand last December.

Longtail Boat in Thailand

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35 Photos of Daily Life In Thailand, Laos & Cambodia

Eating, playing, cooking, working, sleeping…living. Here are 35 photos I shot in Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia of people going about their daily life.

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21 Photos of Buddhist Temples In Thailand & Cambodia

When traveling in South East Asia, the biggest tourist attractions are always temples (locally called wats), so naturally while I was venturing throughout Thailand and Cambodia I visited more than a few and shot hundreds of photos along the way. Here are 21 of my favorites including images from the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, White Temple, Angkor Wat, and more.

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10 Interesting Photos of Markets In Thailand & Cambodia

Markets are a way of life in many places around the world, and when traveling to foreign countries I love to wonder through them to get a glimpse of a culture’s daily life that is so different from my own. Here are 10 interesting photos I shot in various markets throughout Thailand and Cambodia.

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14 Beautiful Beach Photos From Thailand

The beaches surrounding the islands in the south of Thailand are some of the most amazing landscapes you can ever hope to see. I shot most of these photos on the island of Koh Phi Phi, but some were taken near Tonsai Bay and Railay. Grab a coconut, sit back in a hammock, and click through these 14 beautiful beach scenes. Kob kun krab!

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