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Recent Work: Interview in EhWeyBMX Magazine from Mexico

A while back Rob Leos from Mexico hit me up about doing a short interview for his magazine EhWeyBMX. The printed issue has been out for a few months now, so they uploaded the full mag online for everyone to flip through. Click to page 21 to read what I had to say (in Spanish).

Click here to read the text from the interview in English.

Recent Work: Terry Adams Oak Tree Session Video

It’s always a treat to shoot with my close friend Terry Adams, so when he asked if I was down to film some new combos at one of his local spots, of course I jumped at the opportunity. Here’s what we captured in an afternoon at the SLU campus in Terry’s hometown of Hammond, Louisiana.

Recent Work: 2012 Flatland Voodoo Jam Coverage

This past weekend I had the privilege of heading to my home state to hang out with friends from all over the world during the Flatland Voodoo Jam weekend. It was an incredible contest with an amazing vibe, and I couldn’t have been more stoked to be a small part of it. Big congrats to my homies Scott O’Brien and Terry Adams on all their success with the comp!

I wrote up a press release for the event and shot some photos that were sent out to a bunch of BMX media outlets, and I also filmed and edited two videos—one for ESPN, and one for Freegun Underwear. On top of all that, I shot some photos for a German BMX magazine, but you’ll have to wait to see those until the magazine is printed.

Recent Work: Mike Gray Video For Freegun Underwear

I’m really excited to post this video I recently produced for Freegun Underwear. My good friend Mike Gray and I spent three days filming around Southern California for it, and I couldn’t be more pumped on how it turned out. Mike is a super talented rider and a really great kid. I’ve known Mike for a few years now, and as someone on my side of the lens and industry, it’s always a treat to see a deserving rider like him work his way up to the pro ranks over time. Be on the lookout for lots more from Mike in the future!

Also, check out what Freegun has going on over at their site. Freegun is a lifestyle-based underwear brand that’s been stepping up in BMX as of late, and I’m honored to be doing work with them!

Recent Work: Ryan Guettler, Alfredo Mancuso, Terry Adams, & Voodoo Jam Videos

Here are the most recent videos I produced for Alli Sports and ESPN

On The Road with Ryan Guettler, Danny Josa, & Victor Salazar
I’m really stoked on this video! I filmed this one on a really fun trip up to Woodward West with some great guys.

Terry Adams – My 5

Alfredo Mancuso – My 5

Behind The 2012 Flatland Voodoo Jam
I met up with Terry Adams and Scott O’Brien to get some behind the scenes info on the upcoming Flatland Voodoo Jam that’s going down in New Orleans, Louisiana, on June 9th. Be there! I can’t wait for this one in my home state!

Recent Work: JoMoPro Flatland Contest Coverage

A few weeks ago I helped organize and run the annual JoMoPro flatland contest in Joplin, Missouri. In addition to writing the sponsorship proposal, building the Web site, laying out the flyer, editing promo videos, and announcing the contest, I did an article for ESPN about the contest and edited an official highlights video from the pro finals. After all was said and done, Flatmatters Online did an interview with me about it all. Check it!

Official JoMoPro Web Site

ESPN JoMoPro Coverage

Flatmatters JoMoPro Interview

Official Highlights Video

Encounter BMX Magazine Feature

After having a quick interview in the very first issue, I now have another small feature in the seventh issue of Yasu “Green-G” Takeo‘s BMX/lifestyle magazine out of Tokyo, Japan, Encounter. This time around Green-G asked a handful of industry insiders and pros, “When did you realize you could make a living from BMX?”

If you ever get the chance to check out a copy of Encounter, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

(Click on the second page of this post to read my full response!)

Click here to see the feature I had in Encounter issue #1.

Recent Work: James Foster Video & Terry Adams House Check

Here’s a video I filmed and edited of James Foster for MADD Gear and KHE. I’ve known James for several years now, but this was the first time I worked on a specific project with him. He’s super consistent, really easy to shoot with, and an all-around genuine good dude. We are both pretty excited about how the edit turned out!

Up next is a house check I did with Terry Adams for the ESPN site…

Terry Adams BMX House Check

Recent Work: ESPN House Check & Alli Sports BMX Videos

Here’s some recent work I did for ESPN and Alli Sports…

The ESPN photo feature was a house check with flatland rider Matt Wilhelm. Click the photo below to see the gallery…

Matt Wilhelm Pro BMX Rider

These are the two latest videos I produced for Alli Sports…

Bike check with Brian Hunt:

Interview with Zack Warden:

Make sure to subscribe to the Alli Sports YouTube channel to see more of my work on a weekly basis!

Recent Work – Fox Motocross Autograph Signing & Alli Head 2 Head Videos

Here’s a video I recently filmed and edited for Fox Racing of three of their MX riders signing autographs at the Valley Fair mall in San Jose, California. I’m pretty stoked on how this came out!

Click here to see the photos I shot at this event.

Also, I’ve started to do some projects with Alli Sports, and I’m really excited about working with them this year. Here’s the first video I produced for their site and YouTube channel featuring Brett Banasiewicz and Pat Casey going “Head 2 Head” on some BMX trivia questions.

Make sure to subscribe to the Alli Sports BMX YouTube channel to catch more of my videos throughout the year.

Recent Work & Other Randomness

Life has been full speed ahead since I started my full-time freelance career earlier this month, and I couldn’t be more stoked!

This past week Fox Racing flew me to Nor Cal to shoot some photos and a video of an in-store autograph signing with some of their sponsored motocross riders including Ricky Carmichael, Jeff Emig, Ryan Dungey, and Ken Roczen. You can check out the photos from the afternoon on the Fox site or on their Facebook page. While you are there, go ahead and click the “LIKE” button on their page and check out some of their apparel. You won’t be disappointed. Hopefully they will release the video soon—I’m really pumped on how it turned out!

While I was in South Bend, Indiana, a few weeks ago I shot a house check with Brett Banasiewicz that is now featured on the ESPN site. Check that out by clicking here…

Lastly, for a bit of randomness… Mexican Flatland rider and artist Niko Del Real recently drew a caricature of me that he posted on the boombmx.com site. Niko has been creating BMX artwork for quite some time now, and while I was working for ridebmx.com I posted several galleries of his work featuring caricatures of various pro riders. Thanks to Niko for doing this! It looks sick!

Recent Work: The Kitchen BMX Contest Coverage On ESPN & Fuel TV

Just six hours after landing back in the U.S. from my recent trip to South East Asia I jumped back on another plane from Los Angeles to the Midwest where I got the chance to visit Brett Banasiewicz’s new skatepark in South Bend, Indiana. While I was over there I made a video for the ESPN Web site from the contest that Brett hosted at The Kitchen and also sent over a few clips to Fuel TV for their weekly news show Action Sports Plus. I did some other work while I was out there for ESPN and Alli Sports that I’m sure I’ll post up sooner or later, but for now here’s the ESPN edit along with a quick Web clip from AS+.

Recent Work – Freegun Underwear Terry Adams Video & Photos

A few months ago I went to North Carolina with one of my best friends, Terry Adams, to announce some Red Bull demos for him. Terry had just picked up his newest sponsor, Freegun Underwear, so we wanted to squeeze in a video and photo shoot while we were together. However, by the time we spent the entire day traveling across the country and got to our hotel it was late at night, we were in the middle of nowhere with no car, and it was raining and very cold.

Luckily for us there was a Lowe’s next to the hotel that had a large overhang we could shoot under, and even though it wasn’t the best looking backdrop, the plain grey brick wall would prove to work out in the end. The elements and conditions were definitely working against us, but Terry is a true professional in every sense of the word and came through he always does.

Check out the video below along with the photo that was used in a press release, then hit up Freegun’s Web site to check out what they are all about.

Freegun Underwear press release image.

Original, untreated photo.