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Your Questions Answered – Topics From My Readers

People email me with random questions about photography, BMX, and other topics on a regular basis so I figured I’d open up a little discussion with my friends and readers here on the blog. A few weeks ago I made a post asking for your questions, and a handful of really good ones came through. From photography, to bike racks, to cars, and back to photography, I answered them all… Thanks for sending them in!

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Ask Me Questions… I’ll Answer In A Blog Post

Several times a week I get people asking me question in the comments of my blog posts and through email, Twitter, and Facebook. And you know what they say; for every question asked there are more that never get asked.

So here’s your chance to ask me those questions… They can be about photography, something you’ve seen in one of my blog posts, something about BMX or the BMX industry, traveling, finance, or anything else you feel I may be able to help you with.

Post all your questions in the comments here along with your name, or email them to me at fattony4130@gmail.com and I’ll do my best at answering all of them in a blog post in the coming weeks.

Crazy Water Splash Question Mark

This bizarre question mark photo is actually a water splash. And no, it's not fake or staged... Back in 2002 I opened the sunroof to my car after it had been raining and some water fell onto my center console and formed this shape. Luckily I had my digicam in the car so I was able to capture the moment.