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71 Years Later – Pearl Harbor Memorial From Above

Yesterday I had the privilege of taking a helicopter tour of Oahu, Hawaii, and it just so happened to be one day before the 71st anniversary of the day that Honolulu’s Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japanese forces. The air raid resulted in 1,177 deaths of US sailors and was the catalyst that led the United States to become active in World War II. I thought it was fitting to post this photo of the resting place of the sunken USS Arizona that I shot from above exactly 71 years later…

Pearl Harbor USS Arizona Memorial Photo from Above
Thanks to all of the men and women who have served our country in the past, are serving our country right now, and who will server our country in the future!

To learn more about Pearl Harbor, you can visit their official Web site at pearlharboroahu.com. I visited the memorial in November of 1997, and it was a great experience!