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9 iPhone 5 Panoramic Photos from Oahu, Hawaii

Hawaii is a beautiful place…everywhere you look you see something truly amazing. From the beaches, to the mountains, to the city, everything is simply incredible. On my recent trip to the island of Oahu I snapped hundreds of photos with my iPhone 5 so I put together a handful of my favorite panoramic shots for this gallery…

If you like these photos, check back soon because I have a gallery of iPhone 5 ProHDR images going up and few galleries of photos taken with my Canon 5D MKII as well.

All photos taken with the panoramic app built into the iPhone 5 camera. The only editing that has been done is the use of iPhone’s “Auto-Enhance” feature, and the use of Photoshop to resize them for the Web.

10 iPhone 5 Panoramic Beach Photos

Apple’s new iPhone 5 has a really awesome panoramic feature built into the camera that works much better than other similar third part apps I’ve tried in the past. Here are 10 random panos of beaches around Southern California—from Laguna Beach in Orange County to La Jolla Cove in San Diego and beyond.

If you like this gallery, check out the Pro HDR beach photos I posted last week.

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