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Behind The Photo – Morgan Long In Stolen’s 2012 Catalog

In my last post I showed you a quick sneak peek of this photo, and now I’m ready to show you the banger that is featured in Stolen BMX’s 2012 product catalog.

About a month ago Morgan Long and I met up in Downtown Long Beach just a few blocks from my house to film a trick tip video for ridebmx.com. When we were finished Morgan decided he wanted to shoot a photo of a gap that countless people have eyed up, but no one has committed to. He was fresh off a long injury hiatus and hadn’t shot any photos or really pushed himself in several months, but he felt up to the task.

Morgan Long BMX

Morgan eyeing up the gap. Trying to convey how big this setup was along with all the intricacies that made it so gnarly to jump in a single still image was my real challenge of creating this image.

Morgan cleared the gap on his first go, but didn’t tuck it properly, so he opted to do it again to get the photo to look exactly how he wanted. Unfortunately on the second attempt things didn’t work out in his favor. He got a weird pop off the bunnyhop that sent him nose heavy into the landing. He crashed and got pretty banged up so he had to call it a day.

Morgan Long BMX

This is the first photo that we shot that Morgan wasn't happy with.

Morgan Long BMX

A look at Morgan's hand after he crashed.

Several weeks went by and Morgan’s team manager at Stolen hit him up with a last minute request for a photo for their catalog. Luckily Morgan and I were both in between trips and were able to line up our busy schedules to reshoot the gap.

This time around Morgan nailed it, and within a few minutes of showing up at the spot we had the photo that Stolen needed for their catalog.

Morgan Long BMX

The final image. Click to enlarge.

Notice the difference in body language on this split screen view of both photos. The original photo on the left may look fine to some people, but that's part of what separates professional BMX photographers and riders from amateurs. What makes the photo on the right so much better is the fact that Morgan's arms are pushed straight out and his legs are tucked underneath him, which also makes him higher over the ledge. This kind of peaked position is what you always look for when shooting action photos.

Photo Information:
Lighting: Ambient / No Flashes
Camera: Canon 5D Mark II
Lens: Canon 70-200mm IS USM @ 75mm
Settings: ISO 200, 1/800, f/6.3

Since I didn’t use any off-camera lighting for this shot, it was very straightforward to shoot and to edit. Below is a screen shot of the minor changes I made in Photoshop’s RAW editing window.

Morgan Long BMX - Stolen Catalog

Here is the treatment that Stolen put on the photo in their catalog.

You can click through the entire Stolen catalog below.

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Photo Shoot Sneak Peeks

Over the past few weeks I’ve had the chance to shoot some dope photos that I’m really stoked on, but unfortunately I can’t show them to you yet… I can give you a sneak peek though, so here you go!

Morgan Long - BMX

This setup is one that I shot twice with Morgan Long just a few blocks from my house in Downtown Long Beach. The first time we went there he crashed, but the second time he nailed it perfectly. The photo (a completely different angle than this) will be a spread in the new Stolen catalog. I’ll post that up once it’s out.

Chad Johnston - BMX

Chad Johnston

Pete Brandt - BMX

Pete Brandt

These next two images are a glimpse into two of the photos I shot for the 2012 Flatland Calendar. This will be the fourth year in a row I put together a flatland calendar and it’s going to be another good one! Can’t wait to show everyone once it’s done…