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Recent Work: Brett Banasiewicz Dan’s Comp Photos

This is somewhat of a bitter sweet post… My friend Brett “Maddog” Banasiewicz has been one of the biggest names in BMX for the past few years. Being so gifted on a bike at such a young age (he just turned 18), Brett has always been one of the names people talk about when it comes to the future of the sport. I’ve hung out and traveled with Brett all over the world and had the pleasure checking out his hometown and personal skatepark over the years as well.

Brett is an awesome kid and an insanely talented bike rider, but sadly, at the end of August this year he crashed on a 720 over one of the jumps at a Vans contest in Virginia Beach and has been in the hospital fighting to recover ever since. You can read all about Brett’s injuries and his progress on the ESPN site and on Trish Bare Grounds’ Facebook page.

Shortly after the accident his bike shop sponsor Dan’s Comp asked me for some photos of him. One of the images ended up on a benefit shirt to help raise money for Brett and his family. You can buy those at danscomp.com, and all the proceeds go directly towards Brett’s mountain of medical bills that are still stacking up by the day.

The other photo landed on the cover of the newest Dan’s catalog—the most widely distributed publication in BMX. It’s an honor to have my photo on the cover of the catalog, and I’m stoked that it’s of Brett during this time when he’s in need.

Hit up the Dan’s site for your shirt, and while you’re there go ahead and order a catalog. And of course, keep sending Brett your well wishes, prayers, and positive vibes.

Stay strong and get well soon, buddy! I can’t wait to see you out there killing it again!

This was shot at the ASA BMX Triples contest in Orange County, California in August 2011.

This one was shot at the X Games in June 2012.

Recent Work: Lance Mosley For Skin Industries & Alli Sports BMX Videos

Here are five new videos I recently produced…

This one for Skin Industries features Lance Mosley shredding some dope So Cal spots…

The next few were made for Alli Sports

Aaron Ross vs Dakota Roche – Head 2 Head

Under The Gun with Patrick “Big Daddy” Laughlin

How-To Super Whip with Rob Armour

Brett Banasiewicz Bike Check