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Travel Video: Thailand, Laos & Cambodia

At the end of 2011, just two days after quitting my full-time job, I spent five weeks traveling in Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia with my good buddy Lindsay Matush. I filmed a ton of video clips with no real purpose or intention, and after more than two years of the footage sitting on my hard drive I finally decided to sift through the four hours of video to put together this 15 minute montage. Getting to relive this journey through the footage was priceless, and I’m glad I finally buckled down and got this done!

23 Left Overs: Random Photos from South East Asia

Over the past few months I’ve posted more than 15 photo galleries from my travels in Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. However, even when I broke down hundreds of images into all those themes and galleries I still had more than 20 photos left over that I wanted to share, so here is the final set of the ones that didn’t fit anywhere else.

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9 Spectacular Sunrise & Sunset Photos from Asia

While traveling throughout Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia last year I was able to see more beautiful sunrises and sunsets than I could count, so of course I took every opportunity I could to shoot photos of them. From beaches to rivers and from mountains to temples, here are nine of my favorite sunrise and sunset photos I shot in South East Asia.

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23 Portraits From Thailand, Laos & Cambodia

You can’t begin to understand a new culture without meeting people from all walks of life within it. While traveling around Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia last year I got the privilege to meet and shoot photos of people everywhere I went, and this gallery contains 23 of my favorites.

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35 Photos of Daily Life In Thailand, Laos & Cambodia

Eating, playing, cooking, working, sleeping…living. Here are 35 photos I shot in Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia of people going about their daily life.

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10 Photos From The Gibbon Experience In Laos

One of the coolest things Lindsay and I did on our trip to Asia last December was called The Gibbon Experience. It’s a great project that was started as a way to help preserve the forest and wildlife in Northern Laos, but when you are actually in the forest, it’s very easy to forget that you are helping the environment.

In a nutshell, you visit a remote village, hike through the forest and rice fields, and then zip line your way around the forest for a few hours before zip lining right into a treehouse that you sleep in about a hundred feet in the air. (The only way into or out of the treehouse is via zip line.) Some of the zip lines are nearly a half mile long and several hundred feed above the ground—and all of them are fun as hell! It was definitely a highlight of the trip, and as cliche as it sounds, the photos don’t really do it justice. Nonetheless, here are 10 photos from The Gibbon Experience so you can get a taste of what it was like.

Thanks to my old college buddy Rebecca Beacham for telling us we had to do this!

Travel Update: Thailand Trip – Heading Home

As I sit in the back of a tuk-tuk weaving my way through the disorderly and chaotic streets of Cambodia’s capital city of Phnom Penh I’m finally starting to truly reflect on the life I’ve lived in South East Asia for the last five weeks. I’m also getting to enjoy one of my favorite parts of traveling. The kayaking, scuba diving, hiking, and trying weird foods are all great, but there’s something about watching the daily life of a culture and a people that is so different than your own that just can’t be beat. The sounds of motorbike engines, horns, and bumpy roads, the smells of food stalls and fresh meat and produce at the local market mixed with the exhaust from the crowded streets, and the sights of ordinary people doing ordinary things. A guard helping a young boy cross the hectic street. A woman making sugar cane juice. Men working on machinery. And entire families of five on a single motorbike saddle going who knows where. In my own city, or even country, everyday norms are all too often overlooked, but on the other side of Planet Earth these distinctly different norms have a whole new meaning and give me a new perspective on things. And that is something beautiful that comes along with traveling.

This has been the longest stretch of time I’ve ever traveled, and my first time in this part of the world. The experience as a whole has been completely surreal and unbelievably exciting, and each mini-experience, adventure, and excursion along the way is a story worth remembering and telling on its own. I’m grateful I’ve had each and every one of these experiences and I’m just as grateful to have been able to go through them all with a close friend who I hold so dearly.

I’ve learned a lot while I’ve been on this trip. I’ve learned about traveling, about friendship and relationships, about cultures and people, and I’ve learned about myself. I feel a great sense of peace as I begin this 26-hour journey back to the United States. I am refreshed, recharged, and rejuvenated, and ready to get back to a life that’s a bit more familiar.

However, even the life I’m going back to isn’t completely familiar anymore. For the past five and a half years I’ve worked for Ride BMX Magazine, and when I get back home I will begin my new career as a full-on freelance photographer and videographer in the BMX industry. I’m eager to see what’s behind all these new open doors and to see where the paths behind them will lead me.

As I leave Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia I want to show my gratitude to Lindsay Matush for planning and researching the trip and being the best travel buddy I could ever ask for. I also want to thank all the other people we encountered an met along the way for giving us a glimpse into their fascinating lives and culture.

Thank you very much!
Kob kun krab! (Thai)
Khop chai lai lai! (Lao)
Awkunh ch’ran! (Khmer)

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I have a ton of great travel photos to post over the next several months that I’m really excited to share. Be on the lookout!

*Written and photographed on my iPhone while in a tuk-tuk at 7:45am on January 13, 2012.

Travel Update: Thailand Trip – From The Tree Tops To The Beaches

When traveling abroad, a lot of time is spent getting from place to place, and provided you have the free time to travel this way, the various mini-journeys and experiences along the way are often part of the fun and excitement of the overall trip. Over the past few days Lindsay and I have made our way from one tip of this beautiful country to the other. We started at sunrise in a treehouse in Laos, just north of the Thai border, and around 36 hours later we found ourselves on a small island off the southern coast of Thailand. Here’s how we got there…

We woke up with the morning sun in a treehouse around 100 feet above the forest floor somewhere deep in a Laos forest. We harnessed up for several thousand feet of cables on seven different zip lines and hiked through thick brush and rice fields for about three hours before we arrived at a small village where we waited for a truck.

The only way into and out of the treehouse we stayed in for two nights was by zip line.

Getting to the zip lines required a bit of work, too.

We sat in the back of the pickup as it made its way through dirt roads and a small stream for about 45 minutes before making it to the paved road for another hour and a half jaunt through various villages. Once at the Laos border town of Houay Xai we took a long tail boat across the Mekong river to the Thailand border, then walked about a mile to the bus stop, running the last 100 yards as the bus was just pulling away as we were walking up. We boarded the dilapidated school bus and cruised another two and a half hours to Chiang Rai where we had enough time to stop at the local night bazaar for some of our favorite Thai cuisine. From there it was a 15 minute tuk-tuk ride across town to the airport to catch our 9:30pm 90-minute flight to Thailand’s capital city of Bangkok

Foreign snacks and lots of laughs in the tuk-tuk.

We arrived in Bangkok close to midnight and found a few comfortable couches to sleep on for about four and a half hours until security woke us up. By that time our airline was open so we checked in, proceeded to our gate, and slept on some chairs for another two hours or so before the 7:30am flight.

Bed time. Actually one of the most comfortable beds I've slept on all trip.

Once aboard our next plane it was again a quick hour and some change flight to small town of Trang. From the tiny local airport we hopped in a passenger van with a grip of other tourists and drove for an hour to a pier and waited a few more hours for a ferry to pick is up and start hopping from island to island.

We made two mid-water stops at various islands to let others off onto long tail boats, then around 5:30pm the evening after our mini-journey across the country started we finally made it to the pier at Koh Phi Phi. With our packs full and heavy, we wondered the island for another hour before finding a guest house to settle down in for the next few days where I’m posting this now…

Getting on the ferry.

What’s next on the agenda? Enjoying the sun, beach, and ocean, getting Scuba certified and diving some of the best waters in the world, and ringing in the New Year with a giant beach party. More updates to come!

Have a safe and happy New Year!

Travel Update: Thailand Trip – Day 13 – Laos

I have now been away from home for 13 days on this five-week excursion throughout South East Asia, and as I’m slipping into the nomad mindset more and more, things continue to get better and better. This afternoon we crossed the Mekong river from Northern Thailand into Laos, getting another stamp on the ol’ passport. Starting tomorrow Lindsay and I will spend a few nights in a tree house 450-feet above the forest floor. During the daylight hours while in the forest we will explore the unfamiliar terrain via cable zip lines and long hikes through the mountains. This is one of our most anticipated adventures of the trip, and we can’t wait to see how it pans out!

So many things have happened on this trip since my last post that keeping the blog updated with all the details could easily be a full-time job, and would no doubt take away from the incredible experiences I’m having.

I do, however, like to keep a record of some of these things for my family and friends to (and anyone else inquisitive enough to have a look), and for me to have as a personal reminder.

So…a few of the highlights from the past few days include:
– Sleeping in an open-air hut in a hill tribe village.
– Riding an elephant through the back roads of a small mountain community.
– Relaxing in a Jacuzzi filled with water from a natural hot spring.
– Hiking through various forests to a few amazing waterfalls.
– Learning to carve basic household items out of bamboo.
– Floating down a river at sunset on a bamboo raft.
– Watching the sunrise over a Chinese tea farm in the mountains.
– Visiting the most bizarre temple we’ve seen thus far.
– Checking out a gallery of paintings inside an artist’s house.
– Becoming more comfortable driving motorbikes on the chaotic streets of Asia.
– Eating more local cuisine, including fried and soft boiled quail eggs and fried chicken tendons.

Carving something cool.

Dumbo ain't got nothin' on this guy!

Fried quail egg with pepper and mystery sauce? Why not...

One of the many waterfalls we've swam at.

City shuffle...motorbike style.

Getting the shot.

The White Temple in Chiang Rai...crazy!

HDR iPhone photo of sunrise in the mountains.

Happy holidays to everyone! Wherever you are in this incredible world of ours, and whatever you are doing, I hope you have a great one filled with fun, laughter, and people you love!