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10 HDR iPhone Photos From The Netherlands

In December, just before heading off to Asia for five weeks, I went to the Netherlands to cover the 2011 Vans Rebeljam for ridebmx.com, and while I was there I spent a few extra days wondering around Eindhoven and Amsterdam. Since I had already shot a bunch of travel photos around Amsterdam a few years ago I decided to just use my iPhone to document my aimless meandering this time. Here are 10 photos from the two cities shot on iPhone 4’s Pro HDR app, and one bonus panoramic picture, too.

Amsterdam, Netherlands – 12 Travel Photos

On January 11, 2009 I had a nine hour layover in Amsterdam while on my way to the Simpel Session BMX contest in Tallinn, Estonia. I had never been to Netherlands before so I took advantage of the idol time in the foreign city and hopped on a train and went into the city. The temperature was hovering right around the freezing mark and I was hauling a camera backpack that weighed around 50lbs, but I still managed to enjoy my time in the city and snap a handful of photos. Here are 12 images from my short jaunt around the Venice of the North.

Photos taken with Canon 20D and Canon Rebel-G.