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9 iPhone 5 ProHDR Photos from Oahu, Hawaii

I am a big fan I am of the ProHDR app for iPhone. And if you didn’t already know…now you do. I love this app! The gallery below of ProHDR photos I took in Oahu, Hawaii recently has nine perfect examples of why I love it so much!

If you like these photos, check out my iPhone panoramic photos from Hawaii that I posted last week, then come back often because I also have a few galleries of photos taken with my Canon 5D MKII going up soon.

All photos taken with the ProHDR app on an Apple iPhone 5. The only editing that has been done is the use of iPhone’s “Auto-Enhance” feature, and the use of Photoshop to resize them for the Web.

15 iPhone 5 Pro HDR Beach Photos

The Pro HDR app is easily the best $1.99 I ever spent on an iPhone app. Within seconds I can turn a pretty ordinary object or scene into an incredible image…all from my phone. Over the past few months I shot more than a handful of Pro HDR photos at various beaches around Orange County and San Diego, so I decided to share 15 of my favorites…

All photos here were shot with Apple’s iPhone 5 using the Pro HDR app. No other editing has been done except resizing in Photoshop and occasionally using the “Auto Enhance” feature built into iPhone’s camera app.

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10 HDR iPhone Photos From The Netherlands

In December, just before heading off to Asia for five weeks, I went to the Netherlands to cover the 2011 Vans Rebeljam for ridebmx.com, and while I was there I spent a few extra days wondering around Eindhoven and Amsterdam. Since I had already shot a bunch of travel photos around Amsterdam a few years ago I decided to just use my iPhone to document my aimless meandering this time. Here are 10 photos from the two cities shot on iPhone 4’s Pro HDR app, and one bonus panoramic picture, too.

10 Random HDR iPhone Photos

I’m not afraid to admit this…I’m pretty much in love with the Pro HDR photo app for iPhone 4. I’m constantly blown away at how quickly and easily I can create awesome images right from my phone. Here are 10 random HRD iPhone photos from Long Beach, San Pedro, and Los Angeles, California.

All photos taken with Pro HDR app on iPhone 4 with no further post-production editing or processing.