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2 Epic Photos from the Grand Canyon – Lightning and a Double Rainbow on the Same Day

I’ve posted a handful of galleries and photos from my recent hiking trip to the Grand Canyon, but these two photos are by far the most exciting couple I have to share.

It’s been a dream and goal of mine for years to photograph lightning—specifically at the Grand Canyon. The first two days my dad and I spent there were beautiful with perfect weather, but that also meant that the sky was crystal clear with no clouds in sight. This was great for hiking, but down right boring when it came to the photos I was shooting.

When we found out that our last day at the National Park had a gloomy forecast and could potentially yield some moody skies and rain storms I was mentally prepped to make my dream come true. I would finally get the opportunity to photograph lightning!

Just as the forecast predicted a storm rolled through in the afternoon and the second I spotted lightning off in the distance over the canyon I put our hike on hold, set up my tripod and held the shutter on my remote so the camera would continuously shoot until the memory card was full. I did this for about 20 minutes and had to erase the memory card more than a handful of times, but never caught any lightning. I finally filled the memory card one last time and decided move on just as the storm had.

Eventually another storm reached us from a different direction so we waited out the rain under shelter and then went back to the rim of the canyon to see what kind of post-storm beauty nature had in store for us. I was absolutely astonished when I spotted a double rainbow stemming from the middle of the canyon and literally ran to start shooting photos before it disappeared. Luckily the rainbows stuck around for several minutes and I was able to shoot plenty of photos before the sun went down and we headed back to camp calling it a day.

The following evening when I got home I decided to look through my memory cards, including the one that was nothing but the same image over and over again from my attempt to capture lighting. I crossed my fingers with very little hope that I had actually somehow managed to get lucky, but to my surprise and excitement there was in fact a single frame out of the 500 or so images on the card that had two lightning bolts in it. I could not believe my eyes…my dream had come true and I didn’t even know it until a full 24 hours later.

My photo of lightning at the Grand Canyon may not be the most epic shot of all time, but considering the back story of it, and paired with the photo of a double rainbow in the canyon from the same day, it’s certainly one of the most epic photo couplings of my career, and I hope people reading this get a glimpse of how special these shots are to me.

Click here to see other photos from my recent trip to the Grand Canyon.

Contact me if you would like to license or purchase any of these images. Please do not use without my permission.

Lightning at the Grand Canyon Rainbow at the Grand Canyon

Below are some of the other shots I got on my trip…

5 Panoramic Photos of the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is impossible to do justice in photographs, but shooting panoramic sometimes help to show just how expansive it really is.

Here are five panoramic photos of the Grand Canyon from my recent hiking trip—three from stitching together several frames taken with my Canon 5D MKIII and two taken with my iPhone 5. Can you guess which photo is from which camera?

Click here to see other photos from my recent trip to the Grand Canyon.

Contact me if you would like to license or purchase any of these images. Please do not use without my permission.

Panoramic Photo of the Grand Canyon by Fat Tony

20 Photos of the Grand Canyon

As mentioned in my last gallery, my dad and I recently went on a trip to the Grand Canyon so of course I came back with a ton of photos.

We camped at Mathers Campground on the South Rim and hiked a few different trails down into the canyon. We had two super clear days with blue skies, and then one rainy day with really dramatic skies that made for some incredible shots.

I’ll have a few more posts and galleries coming your way, but here is the first set of 20 photos from the Grand Canyon!

Contact me if you would like to license or purchase any of these images. Please do not use without my permission.

Photo of the Grand Canyon by Fat Tony


Sitting at the Edge of the Grand Canyon – 15 Photos

A few years ago I posted a gallery of photos of me standing and sitting on picturesque rocks around the world. Well, after spending a few days at the Grand Canyon with my dad last week I came home with a grip of new photos with the same theme so I figured I’d make another gallery.

It goes without saying that the Grand Canyon is absolutely breathtaking, mind-boggling, and awe-inspiring, so to be able to experience its vastness up close and personal was a real treat! These photos will always remind me of what an incredible place the Grand Canyon is!

Photograph of Fat Tony at the Grand Canyon

This post wouldn’t be complete without a picture of me with my dad!

Top 5 Most Awe-Inspiring and Beautiful Places I’ve Ever Been

Part of what makes me feel alive is traveling to new places and seeing what kind of incredible things can be found in nature. I can appreciate old architecture and ruins, and I have a love for great art, but what really makes me tick is looking at and exploring the things that man could never create.

After driving down the PCH for the third time recently I started to think about what I could consider to be the most breathtaking places I’ve ever been to, so I thought I’d break them down here.

In no particular order, here are the top five most awe-inspiring and beautiful places I’ve ever been…

1. Rock Formations at Ton Sai Bay, Thailand
While staying on Ton Sai Bay in Thailand I took a kayak out to explore some of the small island rock formations off the shoreline. From a distance they looked pretty unassuming and rather static. However, once you got close to them, their majestic qualities revealed themselves and the formations came to life. Sitting in the small watercraft, I felt so tiny and insignificant, making the experience really humbling. The contrast of the beautiful, calm, and vast water against the lively rock caves, shelves, and stalactites will forever be burned into my memory as one of the best things my eyes have ever seen.




2. Purlingbrook Falls in Springbrook National Park, Australia
After riding bikes and hanging out with friends in Gold Coast, Australia for several weeks I decided to venture away from the BMX scene in search of some nature. With just a short drive and a quick hike I found myself looking across a valley at one of the most impressive waterfalls I had ever seen. Purlingbrook Falls is some 350ft tall, and due to the recent heavy rainfall it had a pretty powerful flow when I was there. Seeing it from across the valley was great, but the real stand out moment came when I got to see the falls from right on top of them at a viewing platform, then again when I hopped a few guardrails and walked through the stream and stood at the edge while looking out over the valley.

Photos of Australia by Fat Tony




3. California’s Coastline (From Pacific Coast Highway)
I’m a sucker for coastlines, beaches, and tropical settings, and the drive up or down California’s PCH offers plenty of each of those. There are countless views along the drive that are each just as spectacular as the last, but the fact that you can drive for hours on end and those views just keep coming is what really makes the drive so special.

California's Pacific Coast Highway Photographs

Pacific Coast Highway - PCH

4. Lake Wakatipu, New ZealandMuch like the PCH, the drive on Kingston Rd. that hugs the perimeter of Lake Wakatipu outside Queenstown, New Zealand is a never-ending postcard backdrop. However, instead of infinite waves in the ocean, the lake is calm and flat with beautiful mountains surrounding it on all sides. Along the drive you can stop at lookout overview points high above the lake, then minutes later you can stop again at sea level and walk right up the rocky beach to the glass-like shoreline.

Lake Wakatipu

Lake Wakatipu-New-Zealand


5. Grand Canyon, Arizona
If this list were in order, and if I had better photos of it, the Grand Canyon in Arizona would probably be at the number one spot. However, when I visited Mathers Campground in the summer of 2005 I didn’t have a proper camera with me, so all I have to show from my trip there are a few low-quality scans of photos that were printed at Walmart. Nonetheless, the Grand Canyon still remains one of the most incredible and mind-boggling things I’ve ever laid eyes on. When I was standing at the edge of the South Rim I remember feeling like even though I was there, and even though I was seeing it with my own eyes, I could never comprehend what I was looking at. It was such an overwhelming feeling that I literally shed a few tears. This is one place I’m really looking forward to going back to and photographing some day…Anyone up for camping?