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NPGL Miami Pre Season Tournament Photo Gallery

After shooting the Las Vegas Combine for the National Pro Grid League I had the opportunity to travel to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, to shoot the NPGL’s inaugural draft pick and the League’s first ever pre season tournament. It was really cool to see the teams transform and morph over the few short weeks between the Combine and the Draft, and the racing that took place was absolutely incredible. I see a ton of potential in Grid, and I’m really looking forward to seeing where this new sport goes!

Here are 30 of my favorite photos from the week…

NPGL - Grid League Photos - Miami Draft 2014

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Snorkeling in Miami – GoPro Video

On a recent trip to Southern Florida I got the chance to snorkel at a few really cool places, so I put together a video with some GoPro footage I shot along the way. Most of the clips were filmed at Red Reef Park in Boca Raton, but a few were filmed at Hollywood North Beach Park in Hollywood, and Cannon Beach in Key Largo.

Make sure you watch it in HD!

Big thanks to GoPro for hooking up the Hero 2 and Dive Housing! I have so much fun making these videos!

Recent Work: Mike Spinner, Matt Cordova, Steve Moxley & Austin Coleman Videos

Here are the latest videos I produced for Alli Sports…

How-To Downside Tailwhip With Austin Coleman

Mike Spinner’s Miami, Florida House Check

My Five With Steve Moxley

How-To Nac-Nac With Matt Cordova

Rickey Bates – Banned In Peace

I am honestly at a loss for words on this one…

Last week the BMX world was crushed with the horrible news that one of our own had been taken away from us in a car crash. Today my heart goes out to Rickey’s friends and family as they mourn his death, celebrate his life, and say goodbye to him one final time.

Just a few days prior to his accident I saw Rickey in Las Vegas at the Interbike  where I briefly caught up with him on the hectic trade show floor. For me, and for many people in the BMX community, that would be the last time we saw him.

I wasn’t close to Rickey, but in May of 2009 I had the privilege of spending a week with him while on a Shadow road trip in Florida. During that week I gained a huge amount of respect and appreciation for Rickey’s character. I already knew he had tons of skills on a bike, and that was reconfirmed on our journey, but part of the beauty of going on a road trip with new people is getting to learn who they really are off their bike. Within a few days of hanging out with Rickey I drew the conclusion that he was a very genuine human with a great heart, and I could tell that he was the type of person that many would consider a true friend.

In remembering the great times shared with Rickey, here are 20 photos I shot of him while we were on the road together…

Here is the video Chris Mahaffey made from that same trip.

RIP Rickey Bates – #BANNED