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Recent Work: Broc Raiford, Alessandro Barbero, Seth Klinger & Ronnie Napolitan BMX Videos

Here are the three most recent video I produced for Alli Sports

Broc Raiford Talks Tattoos

A Day With Alessandro Barbero at Camp Woodward

Seth Klinger vs. Anthony Napolitan in BMX Trivia

And while I’m at it, click here to see an interview I did with one of the best female BMX riders in the world, Australia’s Peta Shepherd

Peta Shepherd – Downside Tailwhip to Disaster – Ontario, Canada – Summer 2012

Recent Work: Ryan Guettler, Alfredo Mancuso, Terry Adams, & Voodoo Jam Videos

Here are the most recent videos I produced for Alli Sports and ESPN

On The Road with Ryan Guettler, Danny Josa, & Victor Salazar
I’m really stoked on this video! I filmed this one on a really fun trip up to Woodward West with some great guys.

Terry Adams – My 5

Alfredo Mancuso – My 5

Behind The 2012 Flatland Voodoo Jam
I met up with Terry Adams and Scott O’Brien to get some behind the scenes info on the upcoming Flatland Voodoo Jam that’s going down in New Orleans, Louisiana, on June 9th. Be there! I can’t wait for this one in my home state!

Recent Work: James Foster Video & Terry Adams House Check

Here’s a video I filmed and edited of James Foster for MADD Gear and KHE. I’ve known James for several years now, but this was the first time I worked on a specific project with him. He’s super consistent, really easy to shoot with, and an all-around genuine good dude. We are both pretty excited about how the edit turned out!

Up next is a house check I did with Terry Adams for the ESPN site…

Terry Adams BMX House Check

Recent Work: ESPN House Check & Alli Sports BMX Videos

Here’s some recent work I did for ESPN and Alli Sports…

The ESPN photo feature was a house check with flatland rider Matt Wilhelm. Click the photo below to see the gallery…

Matt Wilhelm Pro BMX Rider

These are the two latest videos I produced for Alli Sports…

Bike check with Brian Hunt:

Interview with Zack Warden:

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Recent Work: The Kitchen BMX Contest Coverage On ESPN & Fuel TV

Just six hours after landing back in the U.S. from my recent trip to South East Asia I jumped back on another plane from Los Angeles to the Midwest where I got the chance to visit Brett Banasiewicz’s new skatepark in South Bend, Indiana. While I was over there I made a video for the ESPN Web site from the contest that Brett hosted at The Kitchen and also sent over a few clips to Fuel TV for their weekly news show Action Sports Plus. I did some other work while I was out there for ESPN and Alli Sports that I’m sure I’ll post up sooner or later, but for now here’s the ESPN edit along with a quick Web clip from AS+.