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San Bernardino National Forest Hiking Photos

Yesterday a group of friends and I went on a hike in the San Bernardino National Forest and hung out at a really cool watering hole and cliff jumping spot. I brought my camera along for the adventure and snapped a few photos along the way… Here’s a bit of went down on our warm, sunny Sunday!



(Click the above panoramic photo to make it BIG!)



10 More Photos From The Pacific Coast Highway

A little over a year ago I posted 14 photos form the most beautiful drive in the country–California’s Highway 1, also known as PCH. This past weekend I took the opportunity to make the drive once more, and of course I brought my camera along for the ride again.

If you want to make the drive, plan for a full day because the journey is slow, and you’ll no doubt want to stop often to take in the incredible scenery!

Here are 10 fresh photos from driving the Pacific Coast Highway between Cambria and Monterey.

Pacific Coast Highway - PCH

10 Photos from Sunken City in San Pedro

Every once in a while I like to go out and shoot photos in my own backyard as if I was on a trip, and recently I did just that at the bluffs in San Pedro known as Sunken City.

Below are 9 photos I shot one Sunday afternoon just a few miles from my house while exploring the area with a friend.

San Pedro, California
And here’s a bonus photo of me on a sketchy rock high above the ocean. Shutter by Kenny Sanders.

10 iPhone 5 Panoramic Beach Photos

Apple’s new iPhone 5 has a really awesome panoramic feature built into the camera that works much better than other similar third part apps I’ve tried in the past. Here are 10 random panos of beaches around Southern California—from Laguna Beach in Orange County to La Jolla Cove in San Diego and beyond.

If you like this gallery, check out the Pro HDR beach photos I posted last week.

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15 iPhone 5 Pro HDR Beach Photos

The Pro HDR app is easily the best $1.99 I ever spent on an iPhone app. Within seconds I can turn a pretty ordinary object or scene into an incredible image…all from my phone. Over the past few months I shot more than a handful of Pro HDR photos at various beaches around Orange County and San Diego, so I decided to share 15 of my favorites…

All photos here were shot with Apple’s iPhone 5 using the Pro HDR app. No other editing has been done except resizing in Photoshop and occasionally using the “Auto Enhance” feature built into iPhone’s camera app.

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Snorkeling In Southern California 2012 (GoPro Video)

This summer I picked up a new hobby and started snorkeling around Southern California. I brought my GoPro Hero2 camera with BacPac and Dive Housing with me to La Jolla Cove and various areas of Laguna Beach and filmed some of what I saw from August through October. Here’s a glimpse of what I saw including sea lions, garibaldi (California’s state fish), bat rays, sea stars, leopard sharks, and more…

Filmed with GoPro Hero2.

Artist: Flight Facilities
Song: Crave You (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix)

Recent Work: Mike Gray Video For Freegun Underwear

I’m really excited to post this video I recently produced for Freegun Underwear. My good friend Mike Gray and I spent three days filming around Southern California for it, and I couldn’t be more pumped on how it turned out. Mike is a super talented rider and a really great kid. I’ve known Mike for a few years now, and as someone on my side of the lens and industry, it’s always a treat to see a deserving rider like him work his way up to the pro ranks over time. Be on the lookout for lots more from Mike in the future!

Also, check out what Freegun has going on over at their site. Freegun is a lifestyle-based underwear brand that’s been stepping up in BMX as of late, and I’m honored to be doing work with them!

14 Photos Of The Most Beautiful Drive In The Country

I’ve had the good fortune and opportunity to make one of the most beautiful drives in the country two times—the first was about seven years ago, but I didn’t have a camera with me. The second time was just a few days ago, and this time I made sure to bring some gear to get a handful of photos of along the way.

The drive I’m talking about is along California’s Highway 1 (Pacific Coast Highway) traveling north from Los Angeles to San Francisco. The 14 photos here were taken on the 165 mile stretch of coastline between Morro Bay and Santa Cruz on May 10, 2012.

I would encourage everyone to make it a point to do a similar drive at some point in their life. Just look at a map for HWY 1 between San Francisco and Morro Bay, plan for a full day, prepare yourself to make a lot of stops, and hit the road!

Downtown Long Beach – 10 Long Exposure Photographs

For the past seven years or so I’ve traveled the world shooting photos. I’ve been fortunate enough to nearly every state in the U.S. and more than 15 different countries on five continents. However, no matter how much I travel or where I go I can never get enough of my own town—Long Beach, California.

One night not too long ago I decided to do a quick personal project and shoot 10 long exposure photos of the sights I see on a nightly basis while cruising around.

The following 10 photographs were shot on August 28, 2011 within a mile and a half of my house between 8:15pm and 9:30pm in and around Downtown Long Beach’s Rainbow Harbor.

Canon 5D Mark II
Lenses: Canon 24-70mm USM & Canon 15mm

The Scariest BMX Photo I Ever Shot – Johnny Devlin

As a photographer and videographer I’m in front of gnarly BMX tricks all the time, and every once in a while I find myself a little nervous for the rider because of the possibilities of what could go wrong. It’s not that I ever really doubt the rider’s ability, I just know all too well from firsthand experiences that anything can happen, and I know it only takes a split second for someone to get seriously hurt—I’ve been there myself, and I’ve seen good friends get broke off more times than I care to remember. And while that’s not something a photographer or a rider really wants to think about, it does occasionally pop into your head. This fear factor while shooting has definitely diminished for me quite a bit with time and experience, but several years ago I shot a photo that was pretty scary for me, and it has an interesting story behind it, too…

Johnny Devlin BMX Photo - Los Angeles, California - By Fat Tony.

The Scariest Photo I Ever Shot – Johnny Devlin

Date: September 24, 2007
Location: Downtown Los Angeles, California
Rider: Johnny Devlin

Camera: Canon 20D
Lens: Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 USM @ 70mm
Settings: 100 ISO, f/5.0, 1/250

In the fall of 2007 Johnny Devlin came out to California with Talem Cowart and stayed at my house for a week or so, and I ended up shooting a short interview with him for the magazine.

I had never met Johnny before, and was immediately impressed with his personality and skills on a bike. While we were out filming for a Web video he began calling out some pretty crazy tricks that he wanted to film for his section in the Shadow video, “Into The Void.” Since I couldn’t film the bangers for my Web vid I put down my video camera and picked up my still camera…

The day we shot this photo started out at the famous L.A. white banks where Johnny did a massive gap to wallride off the bank. (That photo and clip ended up in the mag and Shadow video, too.) After that we went into Downtown and started cruising. One of the first spots we pulled up to was this parking-lot-to-parking-lot gap that I had been to a handful of times and showed to a handful of people. Everyone else that had seen it just kind of laughed it off, but Johnny got real serious about wanting to do it. I anxiously started setting up my flashes and was nervous right off the bat. The hop over the top guardrail decently pretty high, the gap out away from the bottom guardrail is pretty far, and the drop to flat is easily 10 feet. If he were to tag the rail or not clear the distance, there could have been some serious consequences. However, as nervous as I was, Johnny was just as calm and collected. He obviously knew his limitations, but at the time I had only been working at Ride BMX for just over a year, so I wasn’t that used to seeing pro riders do such burly tricks on a daily basis.

A sideways view of the setup...

After I set up my flashes and did a few test shots to check my lighting and focus Johnny was ready to go. He eyed it up a few times and fired it out, but he landed like a ton of bricks and his foot blew off. I was bummed for him that he didn’t pull it on the first try, but also relieved that I was going to get another chance to shoot it… I was so scared while taking the shot that I jumped a little and messed up my composition, chopping off Johnny’s head completely. Luckily for both of us the second go was good on both of our accounts… He landed the trick smooth and got his clip for the Shadow video, and I had a proper photo with his head in the frame.

Johnny Devlin BMX Photo - Los Angeles, California - By Fat Tony.

Amateur hour... :-/

A few minutes later Talem was looking at the images on the back of my camera and somehow accidentally deleted the photo. Johnny said he was willing to go do it again, but I wasn’t going to let that happen. I reluctantly took the memory card out of the camera, put it in my pocket, and crossed my fingers that some kind of recovery software would be able to restore the deleted file.

A few days later back at the Ride office I was able to recover the file, and the photo was eventually used on the opening spread of Johnny’s interview in issue 143.

Johnny Devlin BMX Photo - Los Angeles, California - By Fat Tony.

Behind The Photo – Travis Collier 2011 Flatland BMX Calendar Back Cover

I’ve always loved shooting long exposure and multiple exposure photos. Because they produce such a unique look I tend to get a ton of questions about them, so I thought this photo of Vancouver, Canada, resident Travis Collier would be a great image to break down in Behind The Photo post.

If you like this one, be sure to check out my other Behind The Photo posts, too…

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Tsunami In Long Beach, California?

After the magnitude 8.9 earthquake hit Japan last night the California Coast was threatened with Tsunami effects early this morning. Naturally I grabbed my camera and pedaled down to the beach to see what panned out…

These photos were taken along Long Beach’s shoreline from around Alamitos to Junipero and Bixby/Cherry Park. Shot on March 11, 2011 from between 8:35 to 9:00am. All photos by Fat Tony.

While Long Beach didn't see any large waves (as of yet) we did notice the tide being sucked out a bit.

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California Flood – Revisiting The Long Beach Flood Of January 19, 2010

In lieu of all the severe weather, heavy rains, and flooding that Southern California has seen over the past few weeks I decided to dig up some photos from my archives and repost them. Before I started this blog, if I wanted to share a series of photos with my family and friends I would create a simple Web page and email the link out to a few people. However, through the power of social networking and Google, the page I made for the Long Beach, California, flood that happened on January 19, 2010 made quite a buzz around the Socal area. To this day, even though the link is not visible from anywhere within my site, the Long Beach flood page is still the most hit page on my Web site…

Now that I have my blog set up I will repost a bunch of the photos I previously had tucked away in hidden links, and I am starting with the most appropriate for this rainy Wednesday.

I shot these 17 photographs between 1:30pm and 2:30pm on January 19, 2010, when the neighborhood just West of Wilson High School in Long Beach, California, flooded.