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2011 Flatland BMX Calendar Making The Rounds

Today a ton of people showed up to Chad Johnston and Aaron Bostrom’s Neighborhood BMX Shop in Long Beach for an appearance by Nathan Williams and Corey Martinez. I was able to give out a bunch of 2011 Flatland BMX Calendars to some kids who were stoked to see their local shop owner getting some shine time.

Stoked locals...

Check out some more photos from the day on ridebmx.com.

If you are in the neighborhood, stop by and check out the shop. It’s on 7th St. right across from Big Lots.

There are still some 2011 Flatland Calendars available at Flatland Fuel, and they are still free with every order, so go order something to get yours.

Chad Johnston signing his S&M page of the calendar.

BMX Desktop Wallpapers – 15 Free Flatland Downloads

To go along with the 2011 Flatland BMX Calendar I put out earlier this year I am now releasing all of the photos in the calendar as free downloads.

The 2011 Flatland BMX calendar is available exclusively through Flatland Fuel, and is free with every order while supplies last. But even if you don’t need any new parts, and you just want some of the year’s best flatland photos from around the world, we have you covered…

Click here to download all 15 flatland BMX desktop wallpapers for free!
(They are formatted for widescreen monitors.)

Click here to see a preview of the 2011 Flatland BMX Calendar.

Riders Include: Matthias Dandois, Viki Gomez, Dane Beardsley, Matt Wilhelm, Mike Robbins, Michael Steingraber, Hiroya Morizaki, Keiji “Tamao” Nakamura, Terry Adams, Chad Johnston, Yasunari Ishijima, Brett Crowther, Alex Proshin, Adam Kun, and Travis Collier

The 2011 Flatland BMX Calendar is proudly sponsored by: Flatland Fuel, ID Clothing, Quamen, Saint Martin, Flatware, Hoffman Bikes, S&M, KHE, Mankind, DK, Suelo, Four Thirty Clothing, Innertwine Clothing, and Ares Bykes.

Thanks to all the great brands that supported the calendar this year, and all of the awesome photographers and designers who contributed work to the project.