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Recent Work: Broc Raiford & Coco Zurita Videos

Here are the three most recent BMX videos I produced for Alli Sports… I’m excited to say that I’ll continue to work with Alli throughout 2013 by producing weekly edits for their site and YouTube channel. Make sure you subscribe!


A Day With Broc Raiford In California


My 5 With Broc Raiford


How-To Moto Whip With Coco Zurita

Recent Work: Broc Raiford, Alessandro Barbero, Seth Klinger & Ronnie Napolitan BMX Videos

Here are the three most recent video I produced for Alli Sports

Broc Raiford Talks Tattoos

A Day With Alessandro Barbero at Camp Woodward

Seth Klinger vs. Anthony Napolitan in BMX Trivia

And while I’m at it, click here to see an interview I did with one of the best female BMX riders in the world, Australia’s Peta Shepherd

Peta Shepherd – Downside Tailwhip to Disaster – Ontario, Canada – Summer 2012

12 Unseen BMX Photos

As I was going through the folders on my hard drive recently I realized I had bunch of good BMX photos that haven’t shown up anywhere, so I figured I’d put them all in a gallery… So without further adieu, here are a dozen random action shots that I’ve taken over the past year including Broc Raiford, Ryan Guettler, Terry Adams, Kris Fox, and more.