Six Million Views In Six Days – Unit Clothing Doing It Big With Jed Mildon’s Triple Backflip

Ever since Unit Clothing popped up on the BMX radar about two years ago they’ve been doing things right. They do a great job of keeping a core image to their particular niche market, but they do things on a big scale like very few “BMX brands” do, and I have to give them props for that. Being in the media I get a lot of press releases and videos sent my way, and there aren’t many as dialed as Units are so I really take notice when a company is run like that—it definitely makes me look at them twice and think about them more even though their products aren’t really my style.

Recently Unit stepped it up (even for them) when they announced that one of their Kiwi riders Jed Mildon was going to do a triple backflip on a BMX bike. The triple flip is something I had only heard talked about by one other person before, and that was Cory Nastazio. Cory said he wanted to build a special ramp and get it done when I interviewed him nearly five years ago for a feature, but Jed obviously beat him to it. Not only did Unit and Jed land the world’s first ever triple flip on a bike, but Unit marketed it and promoted it incredibly well. Right now it has nearly six million views on YouTube and it’s only been online for six days. That doesn’t even include Vimeo or countless other sites who embedded their own copy of the quick clip. This may be the most successful BMX video that has ever gone viral. Mad respect to Jed and all the guys at Unit for being such a legit company and pushing BMX so much…

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