10 Years of Scotty Cranmer (143 BMX Photos!)

Last night I watched Scotty Cranmer’s latest injury update on his YouTube Channel and it made me want to do something to show him that I’ve been thinking about him and that I care about him as a friend. I ended up staying up all night digging through 10 years of hard drives to pull together these 143 BMX photos.

Scotty Cranmer BMX - Photo by Fat Tony

These shots are from various trips, competitions, and photo shoots starting in 2006 and ending with the last shoot I did with him in 2015.

Scotty has always been one of my favorite riders to hang out with, shoot, and watch compete, and I am looking forward to seeing him on a bike again soon.

Stay strong, Scotty!

Click here if you’d like to help Scotty in his Road 2 Recovery and keep up with his progress.