2013 Red Bull Illume – My Submissions

Red Bull recently closed submissions for their 2013 Illume photo competition, and for the third time I submitted a couple dozen of my most compelling images. Illume is an action sports photo contest open to any and all photographers around the world. The first contest was in 2006, the second in 2010, and the third is being judged as we speak. Both in 2006 and in 2010 one of my photos was chosen as one of the top 250 images in the entire competition, and I’m hoping that at least one will make it that far this year. Having a photo ranked that high in such a prestigious contest is a huge honor, and I’m really humbled to be even a small part of Illume.

Photos entered in the contest are broken into 10 categories, and as long as they were shot within a certain time period, they can be new work that’s never been seen or published work whether editorially or in advertisements. Naturally, as soon as the 2013 contest was announced I dug through a few years worth of archived images and selected my best shots for all the categories…

Keep reading for some quick stats on how many photographers from around the globe submitted photos to each of the Illume contests, then look below for all my 2013 entries.


Also, don’t forget… I’m teaching a free Red Bull Illume action sports photography workshop on Friday, May 30th in New Orleans!

2013 Red Bull Illume Stats:
Photos Submitted – 28,257
Different Photographers – 6,417
Different Countries Represented – 124

2010 Red Bull Illume Stats:
Photos Submitted – 22,764
Different Photographers – 4,773
Different Countries Represented – 112

2006 Red Bull Illume Stats:
Photos Submitted – 7,500+
Different Photographers – 2,000+
Different Countries Represented – 90+