Recent Work – FlatWeb TV Interview

Justin Hoey and Anthony Buglio over at FlatWebTV did a cool little Skype interview with me for their 11th episode of the show where they talked to me about the 2012 Flatland Calendar. In the interview I discuss the business side of the calendar a bit as well as some of the photos in the calendar, so if you want an inside look at the project, go ahead and click play.

*Fast forward to the 12 minute mark if you want to go straight to the segment I’m featured in.

Check out what FlatWebTV has going on and watch some more episodes on their Web site.

The calendars are still available for free from Flatland Fuel with each order you place, so you still have a few days to squeeze one in before Christmas if you are quick about it!

If you missed it or just need a refresh, click here to see a full preview of the 2012 Flatland BMX Calendar.

While I’m at it… I also have a quick clip in this episode of FlatWebTV where I say why I love flatland. (FFWD to 13:05)

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