Prasheel Gopal Featured In Local Canadian Newspaper

I’m always stoked when mainstream media wants to feature BMX, but it’s definitely a bummer that it never comes across very good and never really makes BMX look cool. Over the years I’ve been involved in BMX I’ve been featured in newspapers, I’ve been interviewed for papers, and I’ve put on and been a part of events that have been featured in papers, and not a single one of them did BMX any justice. It’s just the nature of the beast, I guess.

Nonetheless, when a rider has a chance to get some exposure in a newspaper, I’m always happy to help out so when the less mustach-ey half of Team Pralex (Prasheel Gopal) asked if Glebe Report out of the Ottawa area could use a photo I shot of him at JoMoPro earlier this year of course I said yes.

Click article to enlarge and read, but prepare to shake your head in disappointment.

At least they used a photo of an actual trick…most of the time newspapers take their own photos and never time a trick properly so the photo is complete garbage.

Here’s the original photo…

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