First Look: Nokia Lumia 900 Photos

Nokia recently hooked me up with a Lumia 900 smartphone to test out the camera on it and share the results on my blog.

I have to start out by saying I’ve been an avid iPhone user and supporter since the first one came out, so keep that in mind. But of course I was down to try out a different camera phone just for the sake of it. Why not, right?

Next week I’ll make a blog post with some side by side photos comparing the Lumia 900 to my new iPhone 5, but until then, here are 10 photos shot with the Nokia phone and a few bullet points of what this smartphone camera is all about.

Nokia Lumia 900 Camera Specs:
– 8 megapixels
– Digital zoom
– 28mm focal length
– Carl Zeiss Optics
– Flash
– Auto, landscape, sports, night, and portrait mode.
– Auto, cloudy, incandescent, fluorescent, and daylight white balance modes.
– Manual exposure control.
– Black/White, sepia, negative, and solarize effects.
– Minimum, low, normal, high, and maximum contrast settings.
– Minimum, low, normal, high, and maximum saturation settings.
– Normal and macro focus modes.
– Option to change image and file sizes. (8MP 4:3, 7MP 16:9, 3MP 4:3, 2MP 16:9)
– Center weighted, frame average, and center spot metering modes.
– Options for auto, 100, 200, 400, and 800 ISO.
– “Auto-Fix” option for photos.

All photos shot in Southern California in September 2012 by Fat Tony using the default/automatic settings. Some may have been “auto-fixed” by the camera.

If you would like to see these images at their original size, you can download them all by clicking here.

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