My Photograph Tattooed On A Rider

A while back an aspiring photographer and flatland rider from San Diego named Sam Proctor hit me up to see if I would mind if he got one of my photos tattooed on his arm. As crazy as I thought it sounded I told him it was fine with me.

Being an artist my whole life I’ve had several people ask me to draw them custom tattoos and I’ve always said no because I didn’t want anything of mine to ever be that permanent. I never wanted to play a part in something that someone may regret later on in life. But with a photo, I guess it was different because it wasn’t so personal. Sam recently got the ink done and hit me up with a photo and a little description to go along with it.

Sam Proctor's BMX Tattoo - Ride BMX Logo with Matt Wilhelm Silhouette

Sam Proctor's Ride BMX X Matt Wilhelm tattoo.

“When I was about 14 I went to my local library that carried BMX PLUS! Magazine. And in one of the issues they had a rider interview with Matt Wilhelm. I read the interview and looked at those picture for days trying to comprehend what he was doing with his bike, and that’s how I got interested in flatland. One simple interview in a magazine and I wanted to learn the tricks he was doing…

Over the years I’ve become quite fond of Ride BMX Magazine, and still I look up to Matt as my biggest influence in flatland. The idea for the tattoo came when I wanted to combined the Ride logo and flatland, and this is what I came up with…Matt Wilhelm’s silhouette from the photo on the June page of the 2009 Flatland BMX Calendar.

I sent a text to Fat Tony one day asking if i could use his photo for the tattoo. He said I was insane, but still said ok.

Thanks to Ride for always giving good content and motivation to ride, and thanks to Matt Wilhelm for inspiring to start riding flatland.” -Sam Proctor