My Old Skull Fracture BMX Crash On truTV’s “World’s Dumbest”

I was recently featured on a TV show called “World’s Dumbest” on truTV. The segment is from a crash that happened back in 2003. While the crash sucked and I wouldn’t wish a fractured skull on anyone, at least I can make some money from this gnarly footage every once in a while…

Things from the segment that made me laugh:
– The fact that I’m featured on this show in the first place.
– The celebrities making jokes.
– The host’s voice.
– They refer to me as just “Tony.”
– The producers gathered information from my MTV “Scarred” segment amd inaccurately put together the “love” story.

2 thoughts on “My Old Skull Fracture BMX Crash On truTV’s “World’s Dumbest”

  1. Noah

    My hope is that you always wear a helmet nowadays, regardless of how hard you push yourself. Videos like this reinforce my belief in never touching my pedals without a helmet on my head.

  2. Erin (your sister)

    I still can’t watch this footage without cringing. That was one of the scariest phone calls I’ve ever gotten! Thank you from me and Madi for wearing your helmet all the time now!!!!!

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