My Favorite BMX Media Gurus – Photographers, Videographers, & Hustlers

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the hustle. I love the business side of BMX and photography just as much as I love riding my bike and shooting photos. When people ask me who my favorite photographers are, or which other BMX photographers inspire me, my answers are often based off much more than the photos the people take or videos they produce.

I’m friends and acquaintances with several dozen BMX photographers, videographers, media gurus, and hustlers from all around the world, and although I enjoy and respect all of their work, a few people really stick out to me for different reasons. Here’s a list (in no particular order) of who I’m into right now and why. Each of these guys is incredibly talented, but I’ll spare you the obvious and simply list a brief description of what makes them a stand out in my mind.

BMX Media Guru

Illustration of BMX media guru by Broc Raiford.

Mark Losey (North Carolina)
Mark Losey is an OG hustler and has been at the forefront of the BMX media game for two decades. Former magazine and online editor, team manager, television and movie producer, contest judge, event organizer, and so much more. Plain and simple…Losey is the man!

Justin Kosman (California)
I consider Justin Kosman to be one of the biggest hustlers in the BMX media world. He does so much work with so many great clients that it’s impossible to keep track of what he has his hands in at any given time. Justin’s work ethic is inspiring.

Hadrien Picard (France)
Hadrien is another hustler. His photos are in magazines all over the world and he works with some of the biggest brands out there. Sometimes when people do so many things their work can seem watered down an uninspired, but with Hadrien I’m still always really impressed by his videos…I love his creative and artistic filming and editing style.

Glenn PP Milligan (Caliornia)
Even if Glenn had only created “The Big Big BMX Show” and never done anything else, I’d still have him on this list just for that alone. But he’s also made a handful of very classic and iconic full-length BMX videos over the years, including one of my all-time favorites, “Drop The Hammer.” On top of that, and among many other things, Glenn also produced one of the biggest BMX Web productions to date (and another personal favorite of mine), the Gatorade “Go All Day” series. Glenn PP thinks on a large scale and ventures outside of the small BMX bubble, and I think that is something the industry needs more of.

Ricky Adam (Scotland)
What I like so much about Ricky Adam’s photos is that they capture the essence of fine art. Even though photography is consider to be an art form, I don’t see many BMX photos as being very “artistic.” But Ricky’s photos definitely are. Whether it’s candid shots or action photos, his images look like works of art that should be hung in a gallery.

Jeff Zielinski (California)
In my eyes, Jeff Z. consistently has the most technically sound photos of anyone else out there, and he always manages to get to shoot the craziest tricks in BMX.

Dan Vojtech (Czech Republic)
Dan Vojtech shoots BMX riding like others shoot studio photography. He gives action shots a commercial look and feel. Or is it the other way around? Does he make commercial photography have a touch of action sports? Either way I think it’s a really cool approach to capturing BMX, and the images he creates are incredible.

Walter Pieringer (Texas)
You often see photographers take up filming, but you don’t always see filmers take up photography like Walter has done over the past several years. Walter has a gift for capturing special moments that make you ask questions and tell stories. Whether he is shooting portraits, candid shots, or action, he is great at creating photojournalistic images with a lot of depth and feeling.

Brian Tunney (New York)
Brian is the only writer I have on my list. Not many people in BMX (if any) specialize in writing, so it’s great to see someone who has a focus on words and story telling. Brian always sounds very professional in his writing and I feel that his words and work help legitimize BMX.

John Hicks & Brandon Means (California)
These last two guys are grouped together because they are up and comers. They are both 17 and both live in California. Brandon shoots photos and John films. They both are very talented at what they do and have great attitudes and work ethic. At such a young age they have both already worked with some great clients and are well on their way to making a name for themselves in the BMX media world.

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  1. Ryan Ogawa

    Great article Fat. Over riding for the last decade and a half, I have ran into most of this list. For example: I have ran into Mark Losey and Glenn a few times back in the day at a few La Revolution Jams at Skate Street in Ventura CA, recently Jeff Z has been through Fresno CA a few times, a few friends of mine have been lucky enough to go on some trips with Z and Walter. All these guys including Fat, have been insperation for me through video, articles, photos and blogs like this! Just got to say thanks! For youre contributions to bmx through the years and into the future.

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