15 Thailand Photos While En Route

After five weeks of traveling I’m finally heading home from Asia… If you’ve been following along you already know that while in Singapore a few weeks ago I decided to extend my trip for nine days so I could spend some time in Thailand. Having stayed on Tonsai Beach in Krabi three years ago I knew I would be able to have some good daily adventures, and more importantly, I would be able to enter a relaxed state of mind to help me recharge my batteries and clear my head before going into 2015—and that’s exactly what I did.

Thailand is an incredible country and this area of Krabi has a really special place in my heart, so I am very excited to share these 15 photos as I post them from the airport on my way back to California. Thanks for digitally coming along with me on this trip, and be on the lookout for more photos from Singapore, Malaysia, Bali, and Thailand in the coming weeks!


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