How to Be a Better BMX Rider

Most little boys ask Santa Claus or their parents for a bicycle as their Christmas gift. Having that two-wheel vehicle is one of the most wonderful things that a child could have. The BMX bike gained popularity in the United States during the late 1980s and soon became famous in other parts of the world. Riding a BMX used to be just a hobby, but it later on evolved into a popular extreme sport. There are now many young adults who want to follow the footsteps of the late Kyle Bennett and other world champion BMX riders. To achieve your dream, let me give you some tips on how you can become a better BMX rider.

Kyle Bennett BMX

Kyle Bennett

Practice Makes Perfect
I know you have heard this line many times, but it is essential in acquiring new skills. Riding a BMX is just like playing poker, you have to practice regularly to familiarize yourself with the game. With BMX, you have to ride it a lot of times to learn new tricks and styles. With today’s technology, you don’t need a pack of cards to learn to play poker. There are many online gaming sites that feature various poker games such as Those who are new to the game can learn easily by reading the basic poker rules, how to play a hand, knowing the positions and blinds, and other poker tips. Instead of hiring a trainer, you can download the “Poker Trainer” application at PartyPoker. This standalone application lets you practice Texas Hold’em against the computer. You can play as much as you want using play money and even get some advice on what moves to make. Professional players can improve their knowledge by visiting the “Master the Game” tab in the site. Now you can apply that same theory to learning how to ride your BMX. Don’t stop practicing and improving your skills.

Be Confident
Some people are apprehensive when trying new tricks. It is important to be confident and courageous so you can push yourself into learning a more difficult trick. Fearing a fall from a high ramp is normal, but you need to try and overcome that feeling. You need to believe in yourself that you are capable of doing it. Even if you fall during the first try, don’t let it discourage you. Continue trying and things are bound get be easier the second or third time around.

Ride with Others
Experience and camaraderie will teach you how to become a better BMX rider. Being with friends who also love to bike can help you improve your skills since you will be sharing new styles and tricks with them. There are some people who feel insecure being around talented bikers. This should not be the case because it is a great opportunity for them to learn from professional BMX riders. Who knows you might be the next Olympic BMX champion.