2012 By The Numbers

2012 was an incredible year for me! While a lot of people say I stay “busy”, I prefer to say I stay “active.” To me, the word “busy” feels more stressful and less enjoyable than “active”, and I’ve absolutely enjoyed myself with very minimal stress these past twelve months. I plan to reflect on 2012 in a deeper blog post at some point as I look back on my first full year working for myself, but for now he’s a quick look at some numbers from the year along with one photo from ever place I’ve visited throughout 2012. Here’s to another amazing year in 2013!

2012 By The Numbers
Days Spent Traveling: 206
Days Spent Working: 130
Trips Taken: 25
States Visited: 13
Countries Visited: 10
Countries Visited with Danny Josa: 7
BMX Contests Attended: 16
BMX Contests Announced: 5
BMX Contests Organized: 1
Shutter Clicks: 75,000
Videos Produced: 80
Magazines Published In: 5
New Hobbies Acquired: 1
Helicopters Flown In: 1
Computers Lost/Stolen: 2
Curse Words Prompted by Said Computers: 4,736
Instagram Photos Posted: 1,291
Facebook Birthday Wishes: 292
Most Likes On An Instagram Photo: 12,700
All-Nighters Pulled Building My Soon-To-Be-Launched New Web Site: 4
Number Of Pages In My Soon-To-Be-Released Flatland Photo Book: 80

For the past few years I’ve used a Facebook album to post one photo from every place I visit, so here are all the images I posted during 2012 in order of when I visited them…

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