Photos & Stories From East Africa – A Complete Book From Lindsay And Me

If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time you already know that I took a trip to Africa last year. And you also probably know that I came back with a new outlook on a lot of things as a results of my experiences there. Well, after struggling for so long to find ways to share my stories from my trip, and after a few blog post attempts at doing so, I finally have something I’m super proud of that I want to share with everyone…

My good friend Lindsay (who went on the trip with me) and I had the idea of making a book to give to our friends in Africa as early on as halfway through the trip. However, we knew it would be a difficult task to complete. Not because of the logistics—that was the easy part. But because we feel it is utterly impossible to put our thoughts and feelings from this journey into words. Attempting to communicate these things left us struggling for quite some time, but having a few months to dwell on them helped us process everything that much better.

The two weeks we spent in Rwanda, Burundi, and Kenya in early December of 2010 were life-changing for us, and we will never forget our experiences and the people we met. The following pages were created as a way of saying thank you to our friends and hosts. This book is our attempt at sharing how our journey has impacted our lives.

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Lindsay and I got 15 of these books printed for ourselves, our parents, and for the people we met and stayed with in Africa. However, you can purchase a copy of this book for yourself from Blurb for $26.95 plus shipping. (We don’t make any money from it…only the printing company does.)

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