Children Of East Africa – Stories & Photos From My Journey Through Rwanda, Burundi & Kenya

Sometimes things are so difficult to put into words that I never even open my mouth in attempts to articulate what’s on my mind. That’s what my trip to Africa has been like for me. For the past six months I’ve wanted to post so much stuff on my blog about my trip to Africa last December, but I’ve always felt nothing could ever do my thoughts justice, so I’ve just procrastinated on posting much of anything at all. Westerners like myself who have been to Africa have a common bond, but if you’ve never been you simply cannot relate to the experiences one gets from taking a trip there. That lack of connection is part of the reason it’s been so difficult for me to come up with blog posts to share my stories. Knowing that people won’t fully relate makes me shy away from sharing the subject…but I know I must. I must share my stories…not only for me, but for the people I met in Africa who only asked that I tell people their stories and what I saw.

So after several months of going back and forth over hundreds photographs and countless text documents I have finally come up with a way to share a small portion of my African experience…

A few months ago I randomly stumbled across a narrated slide show by a war photographer on YouTube I got inspired to present photographs and stories of African children in the same fashion. So without further ado, I present to you my narrated slide show: Children Of East Africa – Stories & Photos From My Journey Through Rwanda, Burundi & Kenya

Just as I didn’t want to feel any kind of awkward obligation towards these children before my trip, I would never want anyone reading this or watching my slide show to feel that way. However, once I was deeply affected by the people I met in Africa I truly wanted to help in any way I could. Part of the way I am helping these people is by sharing their stories like they asked me to. Another way I’ve been helping is financially… Since my journey to the Motherland I have helped two Congolese refugee teenagers that I stayed with in Kenya get into high school when they couldn’t afford to enroll. I have also helped many young orphan children in Rwanda by donating clothing money to get much needed health insurance that protects against preventable but common diseases such as malaria. I have also helped Congolese refugee widows get loans to start small businesses. I know my contributions are extremely minor in the big scheme of things, but I know they make a difference. And I am reminded of a quote I heard

If you are ever inspired to help out children like these in East Africa and would like to learn more about how you can help, please visit

Or if you would like to make a quick donation to the orphans we visited in Rwanda at Alfred’s churches you can simply click the Paypal donate button below and I will make sure all of the money gets to the children to help with health insurance, clothing, and food. As little as $10 can provide insurance for a child for an entire year.

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