Chase Hawk Photo In New Ride BMX Magazine

Even though I’ve been working at Ride BMX for nearly five years now I still get stoked to see my photos printed in the magazine. Issue 172 (May/June 2011) hit the newsstands today (April 12, 2011) and features a full page photo I shot of Chase Hawk blasting an insane 270 invert on a hip in Puerto Rico. The photo is part of an article by Jeff Zielinski about how the laws of motion play into BMX riding.

Chase Hawk - 270 Invert - Puerto Rico - Photo by Fat Tony.

I shot the photo while on a Fox trip last November. In case you missed the video I made from that trip, it is embedded below. You can skip to 2:33 to see the clip of this photo. Thanks to Robo for handling that one while I shot the still! And of course, you can still check out the other photos from the Puerto Rico trip on the Fox Web site.

While I’m at it I may as well give the ole plug and encourage everyone to subscribe to Ride so you can get it sent to your house every month, or order the digital version so you can keep it on your iPad.

One thought on “Chase Hawk Photo In New Ride BMX Magazine

  1. Ryan Ogawa

    I’ve seen this Fat, Congrats! Any off camera strobes? Getting a shot in Ride is a dream of mine. I’m going to keep sending in submissions. Some day, haha

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