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Recent Work: Daniel Dhers, Kyle Baldock, Austin Coleman, and Terry Adams Alli Sports Videos

Here are the three most recent videos I produced for Alli Sports. Don’t forget to subscribe to their YouTube channel!

BMX Trivia: Daniel Dhers vs. Kyle Baldock

Austin Coleman Bike Check

How-To Whiplash With Terry Adams

Recent Work: Freegun at X Games, Ryan Guettler, Austin Coleman, Mike Spinner, and Colony BMX Videos

Here’s a cool hype piece I filmed and edited for Freegun Underwear from X Games 18 in Los Angeles…

Also, here are the three most recent videos I produced for Alli Sports…

A Day with the Colony BMX Team

Ryan Guettler Talking Tattoos

Austin Coleman vs. Mike Spinner in BMX Trivia

Recent Work: Terry Adams Oak Tree Session Video

It’s always a treat to shoot with my close friend Terry Adams, so when he asked if I was down to film some new combos at one of his local spots, of course I jumped at the opportunity. Here’s what we captured in an afternoon at the SLU campus in Terry’s hometown of Hammond, Louisiana.

Recent Work: Mike Spinner, Matt Cordova, Steve Moxley & Austin Coleman Videos

Here are the latest videos I produced for Alli Sports…

How-To Downside Tailwhip With Austin Coleman

Mike Spinner’s Miami, Florida House Check

My Five With Steve Moxley

How-To Nac-Nac With Matt Cordova

Recent Work: 2012 Flatland Voodoo Jam Coverage

This past weekend I had the privilege of heading to my home state to hang out with friends from all over the world during the Flatland Voodoo Jam weekend. It was an incredible contest with an amazing vibe, and I couldn’t have been more stoked to be a small part of it. Big congrats to my homies Scott O’Brien and Terry Adams on all their success with the comp!

I wrote up a press release for the event and shot some photos that were sent out to a bunch of BMX media outlets, and I also filmed and edited two videos—one for ESPN, and one for Freegun Underwear. On top of all that, I shot some photos for a German BMX magazine, but you’ll have to wait to see those until the magazine is printed.

Recent Work: Mike Gray Video For Freegun Underwear

I’m really excited to post this video I recently produced for Freegun Underwear. My good friend Mike Gray and I spent three days filming around Southern California for it, and I couldn’t be more pumped on how it turned out. Mike is a super talented rider and a really great kid. I’ve known Mike for a few years now, and as someone on my side of the lens and industry, it’s always a treat to see a deserving rider like him work his way up to the pro ranks over time. Be on the lookout for lots more from Mike in the future!

Also, check out what Freegun has going on over at their site. Freegun is a lifestyle-based underwear brand that’s been stepping up in BMX as of late, and I’m honored to be doing work with them!

Recent Work: Ryan Guettler, Alfredo Mancuso, Terry Adams, & Voodoo Jam Videos

Here are the most recent videos I produced for Alli Sports and ESPN

On The Road with Ryan Guettler, Danny Josa, & Victor Salazar
I’m really stoked on this video! I filmed this one on a really fun trip up to Woodward West with some great guys.

Terry Adams – My 5

Alfredo Mancuso – My 5

Behind The 2012 Flatland Voodoo Jam
I met up with Terry Adams and Scott O’Brien to get some behind the scenes info on the upcoming Flatland Voodoo Jam that’s going down in New Orleans, Louisiana, on June 9th. Be there! I can’t wait for this one in my home state!

Recent Work: Lance Mosley For Skin Industries & Alli Sports BMX Videos

Here are five new videos I recently produced…

This one for Skin Industries features Lance Mosley shredding some dope So Cal spots…

The next few were made for Alli Sports

Aaron Ross vs Dakota Roche – Head 2 Head

Under The Gun with Patrick “Big Daddy” Laughlin

How-To Super Whip with Rob Armour

Brett Banasiewicz Bike Check

Recent Work: James Foster Video & Terry Adams House Check

Here’s a video I filmed and edited of James Foster for MADD Gear and KHE. I’ve known James for several years now, but this was the first time I worked on a specific project with him. He’s super consistent, really easy to shoot with, and an all-around genuine good dude. We are both pretty excited about how the edit turned out!

Up next is a house check I did with Terry Adams for the ESPN site…

Terry Adams BMX House Check

Recent Work: Drew Bezanson, Steven Moxley, Matt Wilhelm & Rob Armour BMX Videos

Here are the three most recent videos I produced for Alli Sports that dropped this past week.

Make sure to subscribe to the Alli Sports BMX YouTube channel to see more of my work throughout the year.

Recent Work: ESPN House Check & Alli Sports BMX Videos

Here’s some recent work I did for ESPN and Alli Sports…

The ESPN photo feature was a house check with flatland rider Matt Wilhelm. Click the photo below to see the gallery…

Matt Wilhelm Pro BMX Rider

These are the two latest videos I produced for Alli Sports…

Bike check with Brian Hunt:

Interview with Zack Warden:

Make sure to subscribe to the Alli Sports YouTube channel to see more of my work on a weekly basis!