California Flood – Revisiting The Long Beach Flood Of January 19, 2010

In lieu of all the severe weather, heavy rains, and flooding that Southern California has seen over the past few weeks I decided to dig up some photos from my archives and repost them. Before I started this blog, if I wanted to share a series of photos with my family and friends I would create a simple Web page and email the link out to a few people. However, through the power of social networking and Google, the page I made for the Long Beach, California, flood that happened on January 19, 2010 made quite a buzz around the Socal area. To this day, even though the link is not visible from anywhere within my site, the Long Beach flood page is still the most hit page on my Web site…

Now that I have my blog set up I will repost a bunch of the photos I previously had tucked away in hidden links, and I am starting with the most appropriate for this rainy Wednesday.

I shot these 17 photographs between 1:30pm and 2:30pm on January 19, 2010, when the neighborhood just West of Wilson High School in Long Beach, California, flooded.

One thought on “California Flood – Revisiting The Long Beach Flood Of January 19, 2010

  1. Noah

    The 2nd girl walking in the water looks like she is wearing shorts because the water soaks up to her thighs. Haha. Crazy stuff.

    Is that part of Long Beach below sea level?

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