My Action Sports Photography Class Recap

Last weekend I taught a Red Bull Illume action sports photography workshop in New Orleans with my good friend Terry Adams. There were 12 people who sat in on the workshop, and it seemed like they all genuinely gained some helpful knowledge from the experience, which was really gratifying for me. I can’t thank Red Bull enough for the opportunity to share my passions with other people who are enthusiastic about BMX and photography. Hopefully there will be some more of these in the future! Also, thanks to Terry Adams for being a true professional and always fun to work with. And of course, thanks to everyone who came to learn!


Here’s a group shot of Terry and me along with everyone who took the photography class and a few of the Red Bull team members who helped make it all possible.

If you’re wondering what went on during the clinic, here’s a breakdown of how it was structured…

In Classroom:
– Intro to Terry Adams and myself.
– Background on my professional work while showing examples.
– Background on Red Bull Illume photo contest and my history with it.
– Discuss different types of shooting flatland. (Set up shot vs. jam or contest environment.)
– Discuss importance of knowing BMX and the riders.
– Discuss shooting for editorial vs. advertising.
– Discuss basic camera settings and functions. (ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture)

In Field:
– Walk through setting up and shooting an action photo with off-camera flashes.
– Work with students as they shoot their own action photos.

In Classroom:
– Demonstrate my digital workflow. (Uploading, Organizing, Selecting)
– Demonstrate basic photo processing and editing. (Using Adobe Bridge and Photoshop)
– Discuss print vs. digital image processing.
– Work with students as they upload and edit their images.
– Review students’ work and give feedback.

If this seems like something you’d be interested in, maybe there’s a way we can plan a workshop in your area. I’m open to ideas, so don’t be shy to email me!


This is a look at my view of the “classroom”.


Here’s the first shot I took while explaining to the students how I shoot an action photo.


The second shot I walked through with the students was of a different trick from the same location with similar lighting.


After everyone edited their images, Terry picked this photo by Jason Dupree as the best shot of the day. Jason won a Best Buy gift card and four tickets to the Voodoo Jam courtesy of Red Bull.


Here’s another cool shot from a young BMX rider and aspiring photographer named Paulo Casanova. Paulo and the rest of the students got some free cans of Red Bull to take home for participating in the workshop.