Bizarre Foods I Ate In South East Asia

Part of what I enjoy about traveling is getting to try out new foods that a culture has to offer, and as my luck would have it, South East Asia had a ton of crazy new delicacies for me to sink my teeth into. Here’s a quick list of some of the weird things I ate on my trip to Thailand and Cambodia last December along with a bunch of photos to help your eyes digest it all…

– A variety of insects including crickets, various sized grasshoppers, a mealworm, a grub, and a cockroach.
– Fried chicken tendons.
– Grilled chicken intestines, feet, hearts, and head.
– Boiled duck egg fetus.
– Shark fin soup.
– Fried and soft boiled quail egg.
– Grilled snake, frog, and squid.
– Dog curry and grilled dog.
(Plus tons of other traditional local dishes, soups, and desserts.)

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