My Top 10 Favorite Blogs – Round 2

About a year and a half ago I made a post about my favorite web sites that help me to get inspired, to stay motivated, and most of all, to waste time. While some things stayed the same, others changed, so I’m back at it with another round of my top 10 favorite blogs.

Be sure to share your favorite blogs in the comments so I can check them out!


This photo of me was published in an Australian newspaper while I was there in January.


My Top 10 Favorite Blogs

1. Twisted Sifter
All things interesting…art, photography, randomness, and more. Ben Wong over at Twisted Sifter scours the Web and aggregates some of the dopest content out there. I’ve also contributed a few things to the site over the years and I’m always stoked to be featured on there.

2. Shock Mansion
Shock Mansion is more on the edgy side of aggregated content. Run by a couple of tatted-up Aussie blokes, they sometimes post BMX videos and photos, and always have a ton of interesting stuff to check out. Their galleries of randomness, girls, and fitness-inspired images are a must-see, and most of the YouTube videos they post are worth clicking on, too.

3. Mashable
Less random, and more tech, Mashable is for geeks that like to stay informed about technology.

4. The Meta Picture
This blog posts random images as individual posts, so you can easily click through 15 pages of new content a day. A lot of the things The Meta Picture posts are also featured in random galleries on sites like Shock Mansion, and some posts are too in depth for my online ADD to handle, but they still have a lot of funny and cool images, .gifs, jokes, and memes.

5. Colossal
This is one of the newest blogs in my bookmarks and is very similar to Twisted Sifter in terms of the type of content they aggregate. Sometimes by the time I get to this blog I’ve already seen the content, but there is still plenty of fresh stuff to look at that keeps me coming back.

6. Vice’s YouTube Channel
Maybe this isn’t quite a blog, but it’s still on my list regardless. I’m a huge fan of documentaries and traveling, and Vice has some of the most interesting, straight forward, and thought-provoking videos out there. No sensor, no filter, and no bull shit. Just real stuff documented by people I can relate to.

7. PetaPixel
From showcasing bodies of interesting work, to delivering the latest tech and industry news, to tips and tutorials, PetaPixel is all about photography.

8. Fstoppers
Fstoppers is very similar to PetaPixel, but never really posts the same things as them, so it’s another place to get your photo fix.

9. The Big Picture
The Big Picture is a micro-site that lives within the main site of The Boston Globe newspaper and features themed photo galleries based around worldly news. As a side note, The Big Picture has a very interesting advertising platform where you have to answer two survey questions in order to see past the first few photos in the gallery.

10. Top Design Mag
Top Design Mag has a healthy mix of aggregated content like graphic design, illustration, and photography, but also mixes in a lot of original content like tips, tricks, tools, and tutorials of the trades.