2014 Year In Review

For several years now I’ve been keeping track of my trips and travels on Facebook by uploading on photo from each place I visit. It saves my page from getting flooded with pointless galleries, and it serves as an easy reminder of the places I’ve gone throughout the year.

Now it’s time to do a quick reflection here on my blog of the 110 days I spent away from home, starting with January in Central America in ending with Asia in December.


Diving into the New Year in Krabi, Thailand.

2014 By The Numbers:
Days Spent Traveling: 110
Less Traveling Days Than Last Year: 26
Trips Taken: 15
Countries Visited: 7
States Visited: 10
Shortest Trip: 2 Days (Sacrament)
Longest Trip: 32 Days (Louisiana to Singapore to Malaysia to Bali to Thailand)
Shipwrecks Dove: 2
Caves Explored: 3
CrossFit Competitions Competed In: 1 (Placed 23 out of 55)
Unbroken Double Unders Completed in Two Minutes: 215
Fitness Competitions Photographed: 11
BMX Competitions Photographed: 4
Investment Properties Purchased: 1
New Companies Formed: 2
Net Worth Increase: 57%

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