2013 Year In Review

It’s that time again… The time when I start wrapping up things on the year and preparing to start the New Year with a clean slate. To help keep track of what I’ve done throughout the year I always do a little “by the numbers” style year in review, so here’s a bit of what went down in 2013!


(X-up over the long and low at Mike Spinner’s house. Photo by Kyle Carlson.)

2013 By The Numbers
Days Spent Traveling: 136
Less Traveling Days Than Last Year: 70
Trips Taken: 28
US States Visited: 9
Countries Visited: 5
Continents Stood In (Including layovers.): 5
Days Virgin Australia Lost My Camera Gear: 9
BMX Contests Attended: 18
Videos Produced: 72
Photo Books Published: 3
Days Spent Snorkeling/Diving: 26
Investment Rental Units Purchased: 3
Most Likes On An Instagram Photo: 886
CrossFit Gyms Visited: 13
My First CrossFit Competition Placing (Out of 89): 49
Number of Handstand Push Ups in Two Minutes at CrossFit Competition: 30


Here’s one photo from every trip I went on in 2013…