13 Photos Of Chase Gouin – A Tribute To A Great BMX Rider In Need

Chase Gouin is one of the few BMX riders that has made a mark in BMX so enormous that his style and tricks are so commonplace in this generation’s riding that they have been all but overlooked. His influence is an absolute staple in modern day flatland riding. However, since I didn’t grow up following the flatland scene, I wasn’t hugely familiar with Chase and his riding until he had been out of the spotlight for quite some time and I started my career in the industry.

On a trip to Costa Rica in February of 2008 I got the chance to meet, spend time with, and get to know Chase on a personal level. Then later that year I spent a week with him exploring a remote region of Panama where I got to know him even deeper. Chase is truly a one of a kind individual, and a perfect example of how a connection through BMX can bring together two very different people that would otherwise probably never meet.

After getting to know Chase, creating some amazing lifelong experiences alongside him, building up an understanding and appreciation for his unique ways, and growing to have a huge amount of respect for him, I was extremely disheartened when I read a letter he recently sent me describing his current health complications. In a nutshell, Chase has some very rare conditions and is desperately searching for life-saving answers and cures.

On the second page of this article I have posted the letter that flatland rider Brandon Fenton sent me about Chases’ health problems along with a note from Chase verifying the authenticity and severity of the situation. At the end of the letter they have given instructions of how you can donate through Paypal to help Chase find the doctors and cures he is looking for.

As a tribute to Chase’s living legacy in BMX and a way to bring awareness to his situation, I have dug and posted up 13 photos of Chase that I shot on our various adventures together over the course of two weeks in Costa Rica and Panama.

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  1. jpolanco

    wow, thanks for sharing man…love the one of chase and the kids, riders need to be more open like this…

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